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How To Make Mermaid Tails – Mermaid Party


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Make your own mermaid tails out of a beach towel in just a few easy steps.  These are perfect for a mermaid themed pool party! via @somewhatsimple

For my daughter’s birthday we had a fun mermaid themed pool party.  The highlight of the part was making these easy mermaid tails out of their beach towels.  Today I’m going to show you an easy tutorial so you can make your own beach towel mermaid tails.

girls with mermaid tails made from beach towels

I recently featured the creative party invites we made for Leah’s mermaid party, but now I want to show you something else we created that was a hit with the little swimmers – mermaid tails made from beach towels.  These mermaid tails are so easy to make and the girls absolutely loved them!

How To Make Mermaid Tails

Materials Needed:

  • Beach towel
  • Ribbon (long enough to tie in a bow around each girl’s waist
  • Rubber band


  1. Place a beach towel around her waist with the long part hanging down like a train of a dress.
  2. Tie your ribbon in a bow around her waist and then fold the top of the towel over to cover the ribbon and better secure the towel from slipping down.
  3. Wrap a rubber band around the end of the towel, leaving about a foot at the end. The last time you wrap it around, don’t pull the entire towel through- leave the rubber band in the center to split the towel and make your mermaid tail.

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Mermaid Tails Made With Beach Towels

girls standing by a pool with mermaid tails made with beach towels

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