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Mess Monster {mom’s toy box}


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 This month Lowes asked their Creative Influencers Network to create a project with the theme “Toybox.” Here is what I came up with:

The Problem: Clean up time around my house is never fun for anybody! I’m sure I am not the only mom out there who has to tell her kids a dozen times to clean up their toys, their shoes, their dirty socks etc. and sometimes after an hour of harping on them, it seems easier to just clean up the mess myself!

The Inspiration: My husband told me his mom used to have a big bag she would go around the house with and she’d collect all these stray items and keep them until her kids earned them back by doing extra chores- I loved this idea, so I set off to find a cute collection container of my own!

The Hunt: I found this aluminum trash can at Lowes for around $20. (You can get it online HERE, but mine is a 10 gallon- online they only have smaller and bigger sizes.)

The Details: Since I planned on keeping this trashcan in my family room for easy clean up access, I didn’t want it to be an eye sore, but it needed something. So I added a little vinyl, and and my MESS MONSTER was born!

So simple, but cute!

You left it out and guess who came –

The Mess Monster, you know his name!

He picked your stuff up, one by one,

And now they’re his ‘til chores are done.


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