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Naughty or Nice Bucket – Christmas Craft


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I am excited to share with you a darling (and EASY!) Christmas craft — a naughty or nice bucket.

Naughty or Nice Santas List

This Naughty or Nice Bucket is perfect if you happen to have kids who can become a little unruly at times. (If that excludes any of you, we need to talk- I need to know your secrets!)

This idea came to me last year when my then 3 year-old was throwing (another) fit. Fits happen year-round at my house, but at Christmastime they seem to be more-easily solved simply by saying something to the effect of “kids who throw fits get put on the naughty list.”

So I made this bucket with cute wooden stick figures to use as a little visual “reminder” that Santa only brings presents to those kids on the nice list.  It has helped end a tantrum or two in my home- even if just for a second! Hopefully you’ll find this bucket just as useful, here is how to make it:

Naughty or Nice Bucket

naughty or nice materials

  • double-sided bucket -or- 2 separate containers
  • wooden stick figures
  • craft paint in various colors + paint brush
  • letter stickers
  • scissors
  • ribbon
  • dry floral foam

*All the supplies listed above are available at Hobby Lobby

Naughty or Nice Directions

  1. Paint your craft sticks to resemble each child. Add their names with stickers, or free-hand this with paint.
  2. Tie a ribbon around the bucket. Add the words “Naughty” and “Nice” to each bucket.
  3. Trim the floral foam to fit inside each bucket. Stick your stick figures into the craft foam.
  4. … and that’s it!

naughty or nice finished

Here’s to hoping the tantrums are few and far between in your home!

I hope you have a great Christmas season and a happy new year-


This post originally published as a guest post on Tatertots and Jello in November 2015. 

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