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Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids


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Grab the kids and head outside! Here are 20 favorite summer activities for kids!

Summer activities

The temperatures are rising across the country and summer is in full-swing! To avoid hearing the dreaded saying, “Mom, I’m Bored”, we’ve gathered these handy outdoor summer activities for kids. Some are water activities and others just need an outdoor setting and a tiny bit of preparation. Get ready to have fun!

20 Favorite Summer Activities

summer activities for kids

1 || Each year my kids BEG ME to let them do a lemonade stand! These darling Lemonade Stand Printable sure would be a cute addition!

2 || This simple and fun outdoor play station has everything you need to keep the kids entertained and hydrated all summer long!

3 || Get your kids even more excited about their next trip to the beach with this fun Beach Bucket Adventure Kit!

4 || Make some soap boats and have friendly soap races! (via I Heart Naptime)

5||Sponge Bombs are perfect to have ready for when the neighborhood kids come piling into your house looking for fun. (via Ione Charming Party)

6 || Throw an awesome summer water party that all the kids will love!

7 ||  Bubble Wrap Twister is a fun backyard neighborhood game idea that kids can make themselves with just a few supplies. (via Club Chica Circle)

Ready for some amazing Water Activities? You’ll love these …

8 || Make your own Water Knee Hockey Rink with a tarp and some duct tape!

9 || Spend the afternoon in your own Kiddie Car Wash! (via Mom Endeavors)

10 || PVC Water Park – all you need to be the cool yard in the neighborhood. (via Classy Clutter)

11 || Looking for some good, clean fun? These bubble snakes can be ready in two minutes or less!

12 || These marshmallow shooters couldn’t be any easier to create, and they are very affordable too. But best of all, they offer HOURS of entertainment!

13 || A Giant Water Bed is something the entire family can have fun with.  Just TRY and keep dad off this thing! (via My Frugal Adventures)

14 || The little ones will LOVE Water Gun Painting out in the yard!

15 ||  Mini Water Blobs are just like the Giant Water Beds, but individual sizes! (via Hello Wonderful)

16 || These ice pop paints were a great activity that my kids LOVE!

17 || Spray Chalk is perfect for little ones to spray designs on the sidewalk! (via Growing a Jeweled Rose)

18 || Take a favorite daytime activity and transform it into the coolest nighttime activity ever! Glow in the Dark Squirty Chalk is SO.MUCH.FUN. (via Growing a Jeweled Rose)

19 || Yard Yahtzee is the perfect way to bring the classic board game to the outdoors. (via The Pinning Mama)

20 || Rainbow Sidewalk Chalk Paint can keep kids busy for hours on end. (via Learn, Play, Imagine)

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Do you have any amazing outdoor activities for kids that you bring out each summer?

Leave us a comment below and let us know the details!

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