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Painted/Upcycled Fall Welcome Sign


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Today I have a fun Fall Welcome Sign that your kids will love to help you with!

The idea for this project came to me last week when I cleaned the inside of my refrigerator for the first time in 6-9 months!

I couldn’t believe how many bottles of condiments and salad dressings we had that were expired!

Rather than toss them all in the trash (seriously, I had about 10-12 bottles!) I did the following:

Gather, Clean & Take Off the Labels from Various Bottles– glass and plastic both work just fine! Run them under some water and let them dry real good. Take off the labels- you may want to use some Goo Be Gone to get the sticky stuff completely off. Some labels are easier to remove than others!

Squirt Some Paint Inside Your Bottles- the size of your bottle will determine how much paint to use. Start with less than you think ’cause you can always add more. I chose some fun fall colors with white to make “ghosts” on both ends. My kids loved this part.

Shake it up! If you toss the caps of your bottles in the trash prematurely (as I did!)  just use a napkin on the open end while you’re shaking. Cover the entire inside of your bottles, adding more paint as needed. (You may need to help your kids cover the entire surface) Let this dry completely.

Break out the Puffy Paint! I was originally intending to use my vinyl machine to cut out letters and ghost faces, but it was even easier to free hand letters and faces with some good ‘ole black puffy paint! Let it dry completely.

Embellish!- You can stop before this step and just leave it plain (I actually LOVE the plain look!) or you can add ribbon, silk flowers, buttons etc. and add even more character!

Display it!– I got a simple shelf at Hobby Lobby for a few bucks with my coupon. I painted it black, then I added some Command Strips to the bottom of each jar to stick to the black shelf and hold them in place. Now this cute little project is on display in my entry way- safe and secure and ready to greet my spooky guests!

And that is it!

upcycled welcom sign(This idea was originally published on Somewhat Simple in 2011)

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