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Family Photo Session Tips


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family photo tips

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Olay.

‘Tis the season for family photos! If you’re anything like me, you’re wanting some awesome new photos for your holiday cards and for gifting to loved ones. You may even have a beautiful wall display in mind for your home. In this post I hope to give you some great family photo session tips so you can have a wonderful experience this year while taking your family pictures!

{TIPS} Before your Session:

  • Find a photographer you love.
    • Start by getting referrals from friends and associates and scouring the internet.
    • Research their website. Naturally, you’ll be looking for pricing information to find someone within your budget, but you also want to really get a feel for their work as an artist. Find someone who has a style that you adore!
    • Show the photographer’s blog to your husband and any older children. That way it sets their expectations for how the session will go (for example, they won’t sit motionless saying “cheese” if the idea is to get candid interaction pictures).
    • Have a conversation with your photographer before your session on what you’d like to get out of it. Most photographers are more than happy to work with you to capture what’s important to you, but you have to let them know!
  • Make sure you book your session well in advance!
    • Late summer or very early autumn are perfect times to reserve a date. If you wait any longer you run the risk of the photographer of your choice being fully booked.
  •  Get Camera Ready!
    • Put your best face forward! If you weren’t concerned yesterday with how healthy your skin looks, think about it today! High quality cameras and lenses show more than you even realize!
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    • Find something to wear:
      • This task is fun but also can be challenging.
      • Try picking two or three main colors to work with, using solids and subtle prints.
      • Wear what makes you comfortable.
      • Layers and textures add visual interest. And sometimes it can be fun to add a bolder print (which incorporates your colors) on one person.
    • Fix your hair. Make your own hair appointment and get your kid’s hair cut in advance too.

{TIPS} The Day of your Session:

    • Allow for plenty of time to get ready. You don’t want to feel rushed or worse LOOK frazzled on film.
    • Make sure everyone’s had enough food and sleep, including you!
    • Kids will need their faces washed thoroughly. Remember those fancy cameras will show all the little stuff that kids tend to have around their mouth and nose that isn’t really noticeable in person.
    • Check for undesirable little details- like finger nail polish that’s halfway chipped away.
    • Keep Lint At Bay. If you’re wearing black or any other very dark color then a lint brush is a must!
    • Don’t forget: a hairbrush and baby wipes. You just never know how handy these might become.

Now you can relax and enjoy you session without any worries! If you’re relaxed then the rest of the family will be too. And don’t sweat it if your kids aren’t being “perfect”. Your photographer will figure out a way to make it work! I’ve never had a session where I wasn’t able to get awesome pictures of everybody! And keep in mind that a great picture doesn’t necessarily mean that the subject is smiling and/or looking at the camera. Getting your family pictures should be a wonderful experience, and with these tips I hope it will be for you!


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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.

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