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Photography Tips for Great Halloween Photos


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Grab your camera! Today we are sharing some helpful tips on how to capture the best Halloween photos!


Halloween is such a fun time to take pictures!  The weather is getting deliciously crisp, the leaves are falling and the kids all have a twinkle of excitement in their eyes at the thought of costumes and candy!  Time to capture all the cuteness – grab your camera and let’s get snapping!

Tips for Great Halloween Photos

1.  Plan ahead. 

Decide whether you’ll take the pictures on Halloween prior to trick-or-treating (which may be a good idea if any elaborate makeup or hairstyling is involved) or if you want to take them a few days before the actual craziness of the holiday.


2.  Location, location. 

Some years I like the ease and convenience of doing it in our yard, but if I’m feeling more ambitious I’ll find a location that would look great with their costume.  For example, a fairy in the woods, a scarecrow in a corn field, a cowboy on the range, a ladybug in a garden… the possibilities are so fun.  And a pumpkin patch or a big pile of fallen leaves can be a great seasonal setting for pretty much any kind of costume!


3.  Attention to Details.

Take pictures from many different perspectives and capture individual details.  Sometimes the cutest part of a costume isn’t necessarily the front!  Be sure to get all those adorable little details – costume jewelry, face paint, a detailed hair style or cute shoes/socks.  Don;t forget the details on the costume itself – a hand-stitched applique on a poodle skirt, a fancy tiara, glittery fairy wings, a cowboy bandanna around the neck, etc.


4.  Add fun props!

This could be as simple as having the child holding a mini pumpkin, throwing fall leaves into the air, or posing next to their jack-o-lantern.  You could have some costume-appropriate props too!  Little red riding hood could carry a basket of goodies, a pilot could fly a toy airplane, or a butterfly could hold a bouquet of flowers.


I hope you and your children have so much fun with your Halloween photos!

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jessica is the talented Arizona photographer and owner of Jessica Downey Photo. She was a member of the Somewhat Simple Creative team in 2011. As you embark on your lens hunt, feel free to email Jessica ( Or you can contact her via Facebook with any questions you may have!

This post originally published on Somewhat Simple in October 2011.

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