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15 Pregnancy Myths – Facts vs. Fiction


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Today we are talking about the top 15 widely believed pregnancy myths and the truths behind them! 

15 Pregnancy Myths

Picture this, you’re a proud expectant mother, about to take a bite of your favorite Eggplant Parmesan, and your grandma knocks the spoon right out of your hand! Why? Well, she feels that eating too much eggplant will turn your baby purple! While this is one of the more outrageous pregnancy rumors out there, many others are ridiculous too. And while these myths may seem like harmless jokes, you won’t be laughing when they deem some food you love too dangerous to eat for 9 loooong months! So, let’s take a look at some of the more common myths and separate fact from fiction.

15 Widely Believed Pregnancy Myths

Disclaimer: We strongly suggest talking with your Dr. in regards to all the information contained in this article. 

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  1. Myth: If You’re Pregnant, You Will Crave Weird Food.

    Have you ever wanted to combine your favorite ice cream and pizza flavors? According to this myth, your pregnant taste buds will crave repulsive and strange combinations of foods. However, the truth is that these cravings will vary with the combinations not always as drastic as people imagine.

  2. Myth: Pregnant Women Shouldn’t Exercise.

    I know many women cancel their gym memberships as they hear they’re pregnant because they fear that exercise is too dangerous. The fact is that there are plenty of safe exercises that women can perform while pregnant. It is good for their health as well as their unborn child.

  3. Myth: You’re Eating For Two.

    Occasional indulgances of pregnancy cravings should be within reason. If you put on excessive weight during your pregnancy, it can affect your health even after delivery.

  4. Myth: Moderate Alcohol Consumption Is Fine.

    The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) strongly advocates against all alcohol consumption while pregnant. It can lead to birth defects and plenty of other serious issues.

  5. Myth: All Sweets Should Be Avoided.

    While processed sugars are best left alone, chocolate is an exception to this “no sweet” rule. Chocolate can actually help reduce blood pressure in pregnant women by up to 40%.Pregnancy Myths 2

  6. Myth: Your Baby’s Gender Is Determined By Belly Position.

    Despite what the elder’s in your family or even friends have told you, your baby’s gender isn’t dependent on your stomach position. Every woman has a different body type and hip size, this determines how your growing baby is positioned in your stomach. It has nothing to do with whether you will have a baby boy or girl. It also has no effect on when your baby is due!

  7. Myth: Flying Is Dangerous.

    This is another common myth; pregnant women are warned about walking through an airport’s X-ray scanner. It’s believed that radiation emitted from this can cause complications during pregnancy. However, X-ray machines emit a tiny amount of radiation, meaning you are completely safe.

  8. Myth: Seafood Is Bad For You.

    Fish is an excellent source of omega three fatty acids, which promote your child’s fetal and brain development. This means you should include a few servings of salmon, shrimp, or tuna every week.

  9. Myth: Eating Papaya Can Lead To An Abortion.

    This myth originated because an unripe papaya can contain tiny traces of latex. This can cause uterine contractions. So, while there is some basis to this myth, a woman would have to eat an unnatural and almost impossibly large amounts of papayas for this situation to arise.Pregnancy Myths 3

  10. Sleeping On Your Back Is Dangerous.

    It is a fact that for a pregnant woman, sleeping on your left side can help increase blood flow from your heart to your lower body. While it is believed that lying on your back may slow circulation to your lower body, there haven’t been any studies that back this claim.

  11. Myth: Diet Can Affect The Child’s Complexion.

    As soon as you announce you’re pregnant, it is wise to try and stick to a healthy, nutritious diet as this will benefit both you and your baby. However, there are plenty of old wives tales that ask you to avoid certain foods that may alter your baby’s complexion. For example, taking iron supplements is believed to result in darker skinned babies. There is no truth to this myth – nothing you eat has any influence on your baby’s skin tone.

  12. When Your Baby Is Growing, Your Skin Becomes Dull.

    Some women experience what is called a baby glow, where their skin appears shiny and radiant. Others may see their skin become dull and dry. This has nothing to do with a baby’s growth and is more a reflection of a woman’s hormonal changes during her pregnancy.

  13. You Shouldn’t Raise Your Arm’s Over Your Head.

    Some people believe that if you raise your arms over your head while pregnant, the umbilical cord may wrap around your baby’s neck. Again, this is just a myth with no scientific backing to justify it.

  14. Sex Is Harmful.

    Unless your doctor has clearly stated that you should avoid having sex during a certain period, it is safe to get intimate with your partner. In fact, most women report a rise in sexual desire while pregnant.

  15. Labor Can Be Induced By Spicy Food.

    Made popular in an episode of the popular comedy series “Friends”, this myth has spread far and wide. Eating food that is loaded with spice will only lead to a buildup of gas and heartburn. It has absolutely no power to induce labor.

Pregnancy Myths

So, there you have it, fifteen of the most common pregnancy myths and the truth behind them.

Are there any on this list that you still believe?

Which ones did we miss?

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