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Ribbon Boards


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Ribbon boards are a fun and easy craft to make. They are easily customizable to fit and match any room of the house! I have made these a million times and they have all been different! Above I used a couple old shelves, a piece of spare particle board and a square piece of cork that all were just laying in my craft closet! I added some batting, material and ribbon along with embellishments on a few (vinyl, rhinestones etc.) and in no time your scraps become useful!

Here is a big board hanging over my craft desk I made years ago…

And here is a simple tutorial…

Board (in this case I am using a piece of cork)
Staple Gun (although with this I probably could’ve used a regular old stapler!)
Glue Gun

1. Place batting over surface. Fold ends over and secure by stapling from the back side.
2. Place material over batting and fold material over to the back and secure by stapling.
*Make sure that once you secure one side of the material, you pull the material really tight to the other side and then staple. You dont want your material to sag.
3. Add ribbon. You can do a criss-cross pattern or no pattern at all. Staple one side of the ribbon to the back, then pull it across the front of the board and secure to the back again.
4. Add embellishments (optional)
5. Add a ribbon to hang the board on the wall (or some hardware if its heavy wood.)

6. Cover your “tracks”. Glue a thick piece of ribbon along the entire boarder on the back side to hide your staples. Like this:

And there you have it!

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