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I’m excited to have Mique here as part of our Summer of Service Series.
She is here with a fun idea for a group of adults.

Hi Somewhat Simple Readers- I’m Mique from 30days, a wife and stay at home momma to three. I share creative ideas- sewing, paper arts, embroidery, photography and free printables. I also co-own the Queen Bee Market with my sister, Jessica in the San Diego area. Thank you Stephanie for asking me to join in on this series. It’s really made me think of new ways to do service this summer!

Today I want to share an idea for an event I did for church for a couple of summers in a row- a SERVICE AUCTION. It takes some organization and preparation beforehand but the end result is totally worth it. Here’s the way a service auction works is:

  • Have people sign up weeks before hand for services they are willing to auction.
    Everything from a haircut (from a hairstylist) to walking your dog, photography session or piano lessons.
    We had all kinds of services to auction off.
  • When people get to the event, put surveys on their chairs to fill out.
    They got points for things like making their bed, saying “I love you” to someone that day, taking a shower before noon, etc, etc.
  • Guests total up their points and then turn them in and we give them “Bishop or Service Bucks.”
    I suggest having increments of 5, 10 & 20.
  • Ask a funny guy/girl to be the auctioneer- the auctioneer I think is KEY to having a great event.
  • Start each service off for bidding at 5 bucks.
  • Give each winner a card with info on it of what they won and who it was from.
  • While the auction is going, have someone record all the info on a master list.

Holding a service auction has encouraged people to use their talents, formed friendships with new people and really helped spread the spirit of serving throughout the sisters at church.
You don’t have to do this on a grand scale- there are several ways you could take the same idea and fit them to your needs.

Our auctioneer kept us laughing the whole night!
We also had food during the event for people snack on.

Feel free to ask any questions that you may have about the auction. And stop by 30days and say hi!

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