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Becky here, from Bite of Delight!  Normally I would bring you a recipe that I think you’ll love, but I’ve switched it up this time in favor of this creepy, cute Halloween hairstyle…a Spider in its Web!  Even the most princessy of girls (like mine) will love this fun bun sitting in a web of hair!

For this bun I needed a bun form, but instead of buying one, I quickly made one out of a running sleeve (an old sock with the toe cut off works well too).  Just roll it down all the way until it looks like a small donut.  Other supplies you’ll need are 18 small elastics (I used yellow to blend in more with her hair), black hairspray (found in the Halloween section of the grocery store), 4 black strips of pipe cleaner, and a comb with a pointed tip (to make your parts look crisp).  For my bun I also used bobby pins to hold it in place.
Spider Hair CollageStart by parting the hair in a big circle, staying about 1.5-2 inches away from the hair line.  Put the circle of hair in a small bun or clip, just to keep it out of the way.  Then take sections of hair (I did 8) and make a little “flip under” going all the way around the head.
Spider Hair Collage 2Part a second circle into the hair, just like the first one, and put the middle up to keep it out of the way.  Following the same part lines, section the hair off and flip it under again, as you did in the first row.  Once the second row is complete, take all remaining loose hair and pull it into a ponytail in the middle of the circle.  Your web is done!
Spider Hair Collage 3At this point you can do any kind of bun that you like, using a bun form or not.  My daughter still has fine hair that makes a small bun, so I like to beef it up a little with the bun form.  Make a bun to match whatever style you’re going for.  A braided bun would add some fun texture for a creepy spider body!  For the bun I made, put the pony tail through the bun form, but pull out a small section underneath.  Take two small sections from the rest of the hair, and begin braiding.  Once the first stitch is complete, I pin it into place so it doesn’t slide around as I’m braiding.  Pin it again if necessary. (I saw the idea for this bun on a different hairstyle on Instagram, but the source wasn’t cited.  Feel free to follow me!)
Spider Hair Collage 4Continue pulling sections of hair into the braid, and continue all the way around until all the hair is braided.  Continue the braid as far as you can and tie off with a small elastic.  Wrap the tail around the bun, tucking it under as far as you can, and pin everything in place with 4 or 5 bobby pins.  At this point you can gently pull on small sections of the bun to even out the look, or leave it a little rough looking like I did.
Spider Hair Collage 5Take the pipe cleaner and weave it into the bun.  Because of the type of bun I did, it was easier for me to weave it in the way the pictures show.  If it’s easier for you put the pipe cleaner all the way through the base of the bun, going across the head, that’s fine too.  Do whatever works best.  Bend the pipe cleaner to create leg sections and feet.  Using the black hairspray, color the bun black to match the legs!  Be sure to protect the rest of the hair with a rag or a wet wipe so only the spider body is black.
Spider Hair Collage 6And there you have a fun spider sitting in a web of hair!
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