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Superheroes vs. Villains Birthday Party


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Every kid loves super heroes and villains. They make movies, cartoons and play time fun! Here are some fun and simple ideas for making a Superheroes vs Villains party a success:


A great invitation is key to pulling off a great Superhero and Villain party. Here are a few ideas to include-

  • assign each kid to be a certain hero or a villain and have them come in costume.
  • tell each child to make up their own hero or villain identity



One thing that is always fun for kids to do is to create and decorate their own capes and masks. Go to your local craft store and pick up pre-made masks that can be colored or decorated. Buy beads, sequins, paints and other fun things for the kids to use and then let them make a mask for their character or villain.


Here an easy no-sew child’s cape option.

Flashlight Tag

A fun game for a superhero and villain party is laser tag or flashlight tag. Divide into 2 teams, set up a captured area & safe area for both teams, and choose one hero and one villain to be “it.” Then tell each team to run and hide while the two people who are it count to 20. The villains can capture heroes and heroes capture villains by shinning their flashlight onto someone and calling out their hero or villain name. Those who are captured go to the captured area. The captured heroes and villains can only be released if one of their teammates tags their hand. The goal is to get your entire team to the safe zone without getting captured. This is a fun game that can last a long time.

Scavenger Hunt

The Heroes and Villains Scavenger hunt is a super fun game for the kids. Simply give them clues and riddles for different things they need to find.


Send each of your little guests home with a cute bucket of goodies. Fill it with candy, cookies, superhero movies etc.

. . . . .

Superhero and Villain parties are fun for everyone!


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