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Ta-Da List: An Inspiring Free Printable!


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This inspiring ta-da list printable is a great way to help each of us realize all the good we actually do in a day! 

ta-da list

A couple months ago, I attended Time Out For Women  in Phoenix, AZ.  Time Out for Women is a weekend conference held in various locations all over the United States. It is super uplifting and inspiring- just what every lady needs now and then!

One of the speakers (Julie de Azevedo Hanks) suggested that instead of keeping a “To Do List” we should instead keep a “Ta-Da List” and record the things we do each day that are praise-worthy. Isn’t it more exciting to remind ourselves how much good we accomplished in a day rather than beat ourselves up over all the tasks we didn’t get to?

That’s how this idea was born! After seeing a retro magician cartoon online, I knew exactly how I wanted to design this printable, and I’m excited to share it with you!

ta-da list


  • Ta-Da List Printable (download below)
  • 8×10 Picture frame (with glass)
  • dry erase marker


  1. First, print off your very own ta-da list printable.
  2. Place into frame.
  3. Start writing down all the things you DO get accomplished throughout the day.
  4. And finally, realize how awesome you really are! 😉

This would also make a great gift idea – this world is so full of self-doubt and criticizing, it’s about time we start focusing on the good, praise-worthy things we do, no matter how small.

Click here to download your very own Ta-da list for free!

However big or small these tasks may seem, they are important. So let’s make sure we are recognizing our accomplishments and giving ourselves something to smile about!


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This post originally published in 2013, but was updated in 2017 with a new printable and images.

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