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How To Teach Kids to LOVE Themselves

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The Best Tool for Back to School isn’t a New Box of Crayons or a Glitter-Covered Lunchbox! The Best Tool You Can Teach Your Kids is How to Love Themselves! Here is how to do it…


Back-to-school shopping with my kids is not my favorite way to spend a day! The more kids I have preparing for school, the more stressful the preparation is. Just looking at the conveyer belt in the store COVERED with all the items from the multiple classroom lists was enough to overwhelm anybody!

And yet, even with allllll the tools we buy our kids for the new school year, the most important tool we can give them isn’t on the conveyor belt at all and is often overlooked.

As I reflect on past school years with all the carpooling, volunteering, stressing about my kids homework, grades, and everything else that goes with a school year, one question stands out in my mind:

Do my children love themselves?

  • When they are teased by classmates for the clothes they wear or because of the way they act, do they have the ability to see their greatness?
  • Will they have the courage to stand up for what they know is right regardless of what their peers think, because they value themselves for who they are?
  • Will the knowledge that they are trying their best overcome their need for perfection in the classroom?


I have seen a powerful difference in how my kids view the world around them when they love themselves. I try to remember this when I am tempted to get angry because of low grades or behavior that I feel is less than acceptable. It is so easy to see the negative! It has a tendancy to stand out and grab our attention just like a great big WEED! I hate weeds and I would never water or feed a weed to help it grow. I water only the PLANTS that I truly want to flourish.

I feel the same way about my kids. When I point out the positive, and help it to grow, miracles happen. They start to look for those same things in themselves and in the world around them. By learning to love themselves, they also learn to love others. When my daughter comes home from school crying because classmates have made fun of her or because she doesn’t feel “pretty” enough I tell her not to worry.

“What is important is how you treat yourself and how you treat others. It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice. That is what people will remember the most…not how you look, but how you made them feel!”

Give your kids the best tool you can possibly give them. Teach them to love themselves!