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The Best Way to Diaper Your Baby

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The Best Way to Diaper Your Baby- SomewhatSimple

After the video about the “Glass in the Huggies Wipes” went viral on Facebook, Huggies made great efforts to reach out to their customers and address their concerns. It was determined by 3rd party testing that the wipes did NOT contain glass or fiberglass, but that some particles might sometimes appear as a byproduct of the manufacturing process. Huggies worked directly with the families affected by the wipes, and they also reached out to a group of bloggers to talk about all things wipes and diapers.  Several weeks ago I had the fun opportunity to go to Chicago to talk with Huggies and the other bloggers. It was a group of moms, dads, and a nanny too! Dr. Sears (expert pediatrician, author of more than 40 parenting books and speaker) was also there, and he talked to us all about the best way to diaper your baby.  Even though I’ve been through the wringer with 4 babies and 11 consecutive years of diaper changes (seriously people, no breaks in there!), I still learned a thing or two that would have been handy to know over the last decade!  And since my youngest was potty trained RIGHT before I went to Chicago, I’m sharing these tips with the hopes that someone will be able to put them to good use!

  1. Diapers Don’t Cause Diaper Rash.  Wait, what?  If diapers don’t cause diaper rash, then what does?  Actually, a number of other things.  There are 4 basic types of diaper rash: fungal, bacterial, allergic and simple irritant.  Treat it properly and you and your baby will feel better in no time!
  2. Match The Treatment To The Rash.  There are different methods and different types of cream to treat the different rashes, so if you can’t pin down the cause, you’ll want to ask your doctor’s advice (we had to get a prescription once when I had a baby with a diaper rash caused by yeast overgrowth).  Urine and stools are an obvious irritant, and Baby should be changed as soon as the diaper is wet or soiled.  A good barrier cream (look for something with lanolin, aloe or zinc oxide) can help soothe the skin and prevent diaper rash.  If you are breastfeeding Baby and eating something she is intolerant of or allergic to, you may need to eliminate the offending food from your diet.  Sometimes diapers and wipes can contain ingredients that irritate Baby’s skin, in which case you’ll need to try different brands to find one that agrees with Baby’s skin.  Both of my sisters have babies right now, and both of them avoid certain brands of diapers because their babies break out in rashes.  They both use Huggies, incidentally, and have never had a problem with them.
  3. Wipe Your Baby At Every Diaper Change.  We’ve all done it.  Baby’s only wet, so save some time skip the wipe!  Right?  Well, maybe not.  Urine is irritating to the skin, and if you don’t clean Baby’s sensitive skin after a wet diaper, that could cause trouble. We love Huggies Natural Care Wipes. They are Huggies simplest formula ever, made of 99% water for a gentle clean. They have Triple Clean Layers that are gentle on baby’s skin but thick enough to clean the mess.
  4. Air Dry Baby’s Bottom Before Re-Diapering.  Letting Baby’s sensitive skin air dry in between changes is a great way to soothe the skin.  Give baby some tummy time on an absorbent towel for about 30 seconds – no diaper cream during this time.  Try to do this several times a day.
  5. Enjoy Diaper Changes!  You will spend a LOT of time diapering your baby, especially in that first year.  Make this a fun time!  Make up a special diaper-time game, sing songs, or have a heart-to-heart with your little friend.  Cherish the time, even if it’s hard to cherish certain aspects of the task.

Most babies (like all 4 of mine) will experience diaper rash during their first few years, so hopefully these tips will be helpful to you. I have officially left the diaper stage and no longer need them (insert cheering here)!

Side Note: I asked Dr. Sears why my sisters’ babies break out in rashes with certain brands of diapers.  He said there’s not a great way to be 100% certain without looking at a number of factors, but it’s most likely because some babies are sensitive to certain ingredients contained in some diapers.  Huggies strives to make their diapers totally allergen-free, which is probably why both of my nephews can wear them with no worry of diaper rash.

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