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Things to Pack for Vacation You Never Thought Of


Trash bags, duct tape, power strip and more! Here is a list of things to pack in your suitcase that could save you some time and sanity on your next vacation!

We love vacation but the one thing we hate? Packing! It always seems like you pack to much or too little. Then you always find out you forgot something. Or you didn’t pack something you desperately needed because you didn’t think you would need it! No lists in the world can prepare you for packing on vacation because everyone is different and needs different things. Plus there are some things you should pack that you never thought about. Take a look at our list and let us explain…

Things to Pack for Vacation You Never Thought Of

1. Duct Tape

No one really thinks they need a roll of duct tape for their vacation. It can be surprisingly useful though. Especially when you need to make an unexpected repair to your suitcase, handbag, or anything else. It is light, so it won’t add much weight to your suitcase. So really, there is no reason not to pack it!

2. Scissors

Another item that you just don’t think you need. Until you’re trying to find something to cut that duct tape with. Or that wristband, loose thread, or even the price tag off a new shirt. Plus, most hotels or places don’t have scissors in the room. Just make sure to put them in your checked bag because airlines do have rules about scissors being in carry-ons.

3. Garbage Bags

These can be used to hold damp bathing suits, or dirty clothes. At the end of your vacation, they can become extra padding for breakable souvenirs. You can also use them to clean out the room when you leave.

4. Dental Repair Kits

Okay, this one is rather out there and really only needed if you’re visiting a foreign country, But having a repair kit for minor dental issues can really be helpful. Of course, if it is a bad dental issue you may need to take your chances. Never let a dental problem go because it could end up worse.  Dental repair kits can be found in most drug stores or big chain stores like Walmart.

5. Swiss Army Knife

This will save you multiple times. Whether it’s using the the bottle opener for stubborn tops, or using the small blade for something simple – these tools can come in handy! Again, if you are flying, this will need to be added to your checked luggage.

6. Power Strip

If you are traveling alone you may not need this, but if you are traveling as a family, this is a must. Everything needs to be charged now a days, and this will save you a lot of headaches because you can plug in multiple devices at one time. If you are traveling abroad make sure the one you purchase will work with the outlets. Also, check with where you are staying because some places have rules about power strips. For instance if you are traveling on a cruise ship you can’t have a power strip that has a surge protector. It can short out the electrical wiring and cause a fire.

7. Copy of Important Documents

You would think this would be a given but a lot of people forget about it. If your purse or wallet is stolen it could cause a nightmare if you don’t have copies of your important documents. (Especially your passport if you are in a foreign country!) It is best to make copies of everything and put them in your carry on. When you arrive at your destination, put them in the safe. If the unthinkable happens you will be prepared!

We know that space in the suitcase is like prime real estate at a luxury destination but with a little planning you can fit all these items. That way you can always be prepared and when something happens you will be able to say “I am so glad I packed that!”

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