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Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets (Under $10)

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top 10 kitchen gadgets under $10I’m officially convinced that there is a kitchen gadget for every task you can think of! Today we are sharing 10 of our favorite kitchen gadgets that are super cool and very useful. Bookmark this page and use it as a reference for when you need a gift for that impossible person! Some of these gadgets are pure genius- take a look:

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cake batter1. Cake Batter Dispenser || $9 || Great for Pancakes, Cupcakes, Muffins, Waffles, Crepes, Sauces and More!

batter pen2. Pancake Pen || $10 || Easily create fun shape pancakes: letters, numbers, fill pancake molds or create perfectly round pancakes with one squeeze!

condiment fork3. Condiment Fork || $7 || Clever fork stays handily attached to jar of pickles, olives, etc with a flexible silicone band that wraps around the neck of a jar. The caddy catches drips and stores fork when not in use.

herb scissors4. Herb Scissors || $9 || Cut your herbs in a fraction of the time it usually takes you! And these are dishwasher safe- sweet!

ice pops5. Ice Pop Baggies || $4 || Make your own popsicles- yay!!! Great for parties, hot summer days, group activities and more! It is easy to make large batches- just fill, zip closed, and freeze!

salad dressing measure6. Single Serving Dressing Dispenser || $7 || Seriously, no more chances at kids filling their plate with dressing and ruining their dinner- SWEET!!! This dispenses 2 tbsp of salad dressing at a time, it screws onto most store-bought plastic bottles of salad dressing and stores right in refrigerator door!

slip on spout7. Clip on Spout || $10 || This thing is genius. Why get a giant colander dirty when you’ve already dirtied a big pot? Clip this on and save some space in your dishwasher!

spaghetti measure8. Spaghetti Measure || $7 || I am HORRIBLE at determining how much spaghetti to make for my family! I always have a TON left over!!! I definitely need this tool!

watter bottle ice cube tray9. Ice Stick Tray || $5 || Now you can make ice cubes that actually fit into your water bottles!

whisk10. Lay-Flat Silicone Whisk || $10 || Won’t scratch your pans AND lays flat in your drawer. This is my new favorite utensil!!!


Are you ready to organize your kitchen and get cooking?!