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Travel Packing List – Free Printable


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Take some of the guesswork and stress off of mom this year with our free printable packing list! Planning for your next family vacation is going to be AWESOME!

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Vacation Packing List

Oh, Family Vacations. Let’s face it. Sometimes they can be absolutely a little stressful. Sometimes they make you reconsider the stay-cation option. They may even make your hair turn a little more grey.

But in the end, they’re totally worth it.

At least that’s what they keep telling me. 😉

One of my least favorite parts of Family Vacations is the packing. As Mom, I’m the one who’s trying to get everyone packed. And we ALWAYS forget something. (Like the one time my son had zero pants to wear. Zero. Totally forgot to pack them.)

That’s where this Printable Packing List comes in.

Last summer, we were getting ready for a family road trip from Arizona to Utah. My husband, kids and I looked forward to visiting some of our family and leaving the insane Phoenix heat for a bit. For this fun family getaway, I created a Travel Packing List.

Because a little bit of visual preparation and quick list making can go a long way.

Each child will have their own. And each will be responsible for their own packing list.

Yes, those are angels singing.

This time, we WILL have all of our pants.
We WILL have all of our underwear.
This time we WILL remember toothpaste.
We WILL remember the cords for the electronic devices we’ll use during the car ride.
This time, I WILL be a little bit more sane.

And now YOU can enjoy these new avenues with me!

Download your Free Family Packing List Printables here:

Packing List for Vacation

That’s it! Such an easy way to help you enjoy those family travel moments a little more. Or help you buy pants if you do end up forgetting them. 😉

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