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Baby Shower Gift for Twins


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baby shower gift for twins

This was the baby shower gift for twins I put together for my friend who is having twins next month. She is having a boy and a girl, but this can idea certainly be used for same-sex babies: put together a blue and green bin for 2 boys or a pink and purple bin for 2 girls.

baby shower gift for twins productsI went shopping and bought a bunch of coordinating baby products in different colors- a pink pacifier and a blue one, blue bath wash and pink baby lotion etc. The “girly” colored products went in a plastic box with a pink lid and the “boyish” colored products went in a plastic box with a blue lid, like so:
baby shower gift for twins boxes

I figured I could spend $5 on a gift bag and tissue paper, or I could spend $2 on cute bins that the mom can reuse again! I had a few sticky chalkboard labels that I stuck on the tops of the bins and I wrote each of the babies names on them.

baby shower gift for twins 2

… and then I tied them up with some ribbon…

baby shower gift for twins 1

…and that’s it!

I thought it turned out pretty cute!

(This post was originally published on Somewhat Simple in September 2009.)

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