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Valentine Games – Family Activity Cube Printable


Looking for some fun Valentine games to play as a family?  Have some fun with our Valentines Activity Cube!

Valentines Activity Cube

If you’re looking for an easy way to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family, look no further!  Our fun Valentines Activity Cube is a super-fun way to get excited about the holiday. The ideas are designed to be simple and open to interpretation – so you can make the activity as simple or extravagant as you’d like!

Valentine Games – Activity Cube


  • Valentines Activity Cube template (download below)
  • scissors
  • glue stick or double-sided tape


  1. Print the template onto card stock and then cut along the outside edge of the dice.
  2. Fold all the lines of the dice and then fold into cube shape.
  3. Apply some glue or double sided tape to the white tabs and secure in place.
  4. Roll the dice to see what fun you can get up to on Valentine’s Day, or several times during the month!

Make a Pink Milkshake: You can just add food coloring to any flavor shake, but may we suggest our super popular Cupid Float?

Family Date: you might decide to on a family movie at home followed by ice-cream sundaes, or a trip to the park after school. We usually take the kids down to the local Soda Shop for a sweet treat! (And caffeine for Mom + Dad) 😉

Make a Heart-Shaped Meal: this might be a sandwich, cut out with heart-shaped cookie cutters, or pizza dough shaped into hearts for dinner. Get creative!

Hiding 5 love notes around the house: Simply place post its (or go fancier with our cupid grams!) in unexpected places … or … maybe you turn it into an awesome scavenger hunt – the choice is yours!

Make a Card For Someone: Grand parents love getting Valentines, too!

Make a Heart Garland: go as fancy or as simple as you want. Check out our heart garland for an easy idea!

Ready to get started making some awesome family memories?

Click here to download our Valentine’s Family Activity Cube!

Click here to download our Cupid-Grams!

Valentine’s Day is a really sweet reason to share some love and show your family how much they mean to you.  We hope that our activity dice will help make Valentine’s Day meaningful and fun for your family! Happy Family Night!

Here are a few more of our favorite Valentines Day ideas:

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