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8 paper pinwheels in different colors of the rainbow laying on the counter
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Paper Pinwheels

Ready for a fun craft that can be made in minutes? Here's how to make paper pinwheels with a straw for your next craft day, party, or special celebration!
Prep Time5 mins
Course: craft, kids craft
Keyword: kids craft, paper


  • paper*
  • scissors
  • hole punch / Crop-A-Dile the smaller the hole, the better.
  • paper straw**
  • brad fasteners


  • Cut a piece of paper into a perfect square. (You can do this by bringing opposite corners together and cutting off the strip on the side.
    piece of red paper on the counter with a straw next to it
  • Cut the paper in 4 diagonal lines from each corner up to about an inch from the center point.
    red piece of paper with gold scissors and a paper straw
  • Punch small holes in the corner of the paper to the left of each straight cut you made with your scissors.
    hole punch on top of red paper
  • Using a hole punch or the tip of a pencil, make a hole in the middle of the paper.
    red paper folded in half being hole punched in the center
  • Flatten one end of your paper straw, then punch a hole through it.
    using a hole punch to put a hole in a paper straw
  • Bring each corner with a hole to the center of the paper, lacing a brad through each hole. Line up the hole in your straw to the brad, and stick the brad through the straw. Fasten the brad to secure.
    making a paper pinwheel with red paper and a paper straw
  • …and you're done!
    finished paper pinwheel with red paper on the counter


* You can use your favorite craft paper - card stock, construction paper, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, decorative paper, printer paper - in the print and color of your choice, but we found that the thinner paper worked best if you plan to have them spin in the wind.
** You can use a wooden dowel with a straight pin instead of a brass fastener.