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Kitchen Tips and Tricks- Why Didn’t I Think of That???


Last week’s most viewed link in our link party was from Adventures of D and V:

Veronica shows us a simpler way to cut watermelon so you have less mess- why didn’t I think of that???

She also shares this fun way on how to slice strawberries:

Which got me thinking, what other kitchen tips and trick am I missing? Here is what I found:

I discovered this hack showing you how to open a pomegranate a few years ago and I was AMAZED! Who knew getting all the seeds out of a pomegranate was as easy as whacking it with a spoon??? You’ll never de-seed a pomegranate any other way again!

One of my favorite kitchen tips is something I haven’t blogged about, so I did a search to see if someone else had and I came up empty. But I did find this tip which is very similar, from The Kitchn- To keep brown sugar soft, stick a marshmallow inside the bag. I use an apple slice, but it isn’t as pretty, so I will definitely be doing this from now on!

Life Hackery shares 50 helpful tips, including how to tell if an egg is fresh. Put it in a bowl of water- if it sinks to the bottom, it is fresh, if it floats, it isn’t.

Want to know an easy way to fish pieces of an egg shell out of an egg white? Wet your finger with some water- according to Yahoo.

Cooking Light gives solutions to the 46 most common cooking mistakes.

And Becca from Blue Cricket Design shares my new favorite way to shred chicken- in your KitchenAid!!!! Place chicken breasts in KitchenAid, turn on and it takes about 5 seconds per breast before you have perfectly shredded chicken. Ta Da!

What are some of your favorite kitchen tips and tricks? Leave me a comment and if you have a link to a blog post about it, I would love to check it out!

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