Fathers Day Canvas Gift

First let me preface this by warning my husband if he happens to be reading this to stop right now so as not to ruin his Father’s Day Present Surprise!!!

Now with that said, LOOK WHAT I MADE EVERYBODY!!!!

And it only took me 10-15 minutes from start to finish!

Here is what I did:

1. I took these 3 pictures of the kids from our recent trip. These pictures captured one of the best days of the vacation for us, so looking at their sweet smiles takes me right back!

2. Then I uploaded these pictures (try ipiccy.com) and made a simple 4-square collage and added some text.

3. Finally, I uploaded the finished collage to Canvas People and ordered my FREE canvas!

And yes,  I said “FREE CANVAS!!!!” Canvas People offers a FREE 8×10  canvas or $50 off any size canvas for Father’s Day. All you have to pay for is shipping, so this gift only cost me $14.95! I would have spent more than that on another tie!!!

When my wrapped canvas came just 1 week later, I gave each of the kids a crayon and they signed the back.

Simple, but meaningful- I love it! :)

So what are you waiting for? Get started NOW by clicking HERE!!!!

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  1. kali says

    ok, i really want to make one of these, but every time i try my dimensions must be off because it’s chopping A LOT off once i upload to canvas people. any help on what i’m doing wrong on the picnik side? thanks!

    • says

      finding the right pictures for this is the hardest part! Even mine was cut off a bit more than I wanted- that is the problem with the wrapping of the canvas, and i wish there was a way to drag the photo onto the canvas, but that would be too easy! :) my only suggestion is to play around with different pictures or maybe ad a frame to the ones you have via picnik before you put them in the collage- that way the frame will be cut off and your pictures wont. Sorry I am not much help! The first canvas I tried making was a pain in the butt, but now that I have made a few it is easier. Keep trying, it will look great!!!!

  2. Dorangela says

    Thanks Stephanie. You saved me! Now I have my fathers day present idea. Now I need to get busy :)

  3. Natasha says

    I ordered 2 last night using my son and his fiance’s engagement pictures. One for me and one for her for her birthday. I can’t wait to get them

  4. Jessica says

    Help! PIcnik is driving me nuts!! How do you get the background to be white and not gray?

  5. Leah says

    LOVE this idea!! Thanks so much for sharing!! But how do you get the text on the collage? I got the three pictures on in Picnik, but I don’t know how you got the text. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks :)

  6. Farina says

    Hi there,

    Love the Idea as well and was just wondering where you got the stand for the canvas from?

    Thanks so much :-)