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Bug Bows – A Simple Hair Bow Tutorial


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These bug bows are simple to make and will look darling in your little girls hair! 

These bug bows are a fun way to add some variety to your daughter’s hair bow collection. I’ll teach you the basic tutorial by showing you a darling lady bug and bumble bee, but you can make butterflies, dragonflies and all kids of colorful bugs using the same technique!

I have the written tutorial below, but the video I made shows this tutorial waaaaaay better than I could type it!

Bug Bows


*I used grosgrain ribbon for these bows, but you can use whatever you have on hand!

for the antennae
  • black 3/8″ ribbon
  • lighter
for the lady bug
  • red and black polka dot 5/8″ ribbon
  • black 3/8″ ribbon
for the bumblebee
  • yellow 3/8″ ribbon
  • black 3/8″ ribbon
  • white black 3/8″ ribbon (or smaller)
you will also need


for the antennae
  1. Cut about a 2 inch piece of black ribbon. Hold one end of the ribbon and cut out the center, all the way down to about 1/4 inch of the other end. This will leave 2 straight edges of ribbon. (You can throw the middle section away.)
  2. Take your lighter and gently brush the outside of each edge with the flame. Be careful not to get too close or it will catch fire. Concentrate the flame in one area so the ribbon curls over the flame.
  3. Continue with other side until you have 2 antennae curling outward.

for the lady bug

*You can make these whatever size you’d like by making the loops bigger or smaller. 

  1. Cut a 3″ piece of polka dot ribbon.
  2. Make a loop with the ribbon and have each end sit flush, one on top of the other.
  3. Secure the loop by placing a small dab of hot glue in between the ribbons where they meet.
  4. Cut a 4″ piece of polkat dot ribbon.
  5. Place a dab of hot glue on the top of the point of the loop you just made and press one end of the next strip of ribbon on top.
  6. Make another loop around the outside of the first loop and secured this with a dab of hot glue at the point. You should now have 2 loops of ribbon, one inside the other.
  7. Cut 1″ of black ribbon and center it on the point of the 2 loops. Add a dab of glue to secure it.
  8. Wrap each end of the black ribbon around the point and secure it on the backside with another dab of glue. You now have the “face” of the ladybug!
  9. Glue some antennae to the back side of the face.
  10. Secure your lady bug with some hot glue to a ribbon-lined alligator clip and you’re done!

for the bumblebee
  1. To make the body of the bumblebee, just follow the same steps as the lady bug, but make 4 loops – 2 yellow and 2 black. Alternate the sizing so that the black and yellow fit inside each other.
  2. One you have the face and the antennae, add some white wings. Cut a 3 inch piece of white ribbon and loop it in a figure 8, securing with hot glue in the center and cutting off any excess ribbon. (You can decide how long you want your wings.) Glue your wings just between the face and the body, then secure to a ribbon-lined alligator clip.

…and you’re done!!!

A little girl can’t have too many bows, so get creating!!

This post originally published in January 2010 and was updated in January 2016. 

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