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Easter Gift Idea – Milk Carton Treat Boxes!


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These darling Milk Carton Treat Boxes are the perfect Easter Gift Idea for party favors, place settings, church handouts, etc! So simple to make, and a cute way to stay within your budget!

Easter Gift Idea

After designing our Easter placemats, I fell in love with the stripes + rainbow color scheme and wanted to create something that matched! The milk carton boxes I created back in July were a huge hit, so I decided I’d make some for Easter. I love how these Easter milk carton boxes turned out! They really are the perfect Easter Gift Idea!

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Easter Gift Idea – Darling Milk Carton Treat Boxes


  • Easter Milk Carton Printables (download below)
  • scissors
  • ruler (to help with the scoring, optional but very helpful)
  • cutting board or mat if you plan on scoring your lines
  • pen or marker
  • double sided tape
  • cute washi tape
  • candy


  1. First, print of as many treat boxes you’ll need, then cut out along the outside lines.
  2. Using your ruler and scissors, score along all the dashed lines.
  3. Fill out the To/From section with a pen or marker.
  4. Fold the long sides together first, then secure by placing double sided tape on the tabs.
  5. Fold in the bottom: “U” shape first, then side flaps, then tuck the skinny square knob part into the slat. (See below)
  6. You can secure the bottom with tape if desired, then fill with candy!
  7. Close the top, and secure with double sided tape on the inside, then cute washi tape on the outside.

The bottom should end up looking like this.

Don’t forget to fill out the To/From part BEFORE you assemble. Trust me. 😉

I just love the sweet colors and font!

And is it a coincidence that the Cadburry Mini Eggs match beautifully? Nope.

Just an FYI, my Fourth of July boxes were printed out on card stock, but this time I decided to try regular paper. They are holding up like champs! And they were so much easier to cut, score + fold.

Now it’s your turn to recreate this Easter Gift Idea!


Click the links below to download the PDF’s:

click to download the teal/blue font carton

click to download the pink font carton


Hope you enjoy these boxes as much as I do! Have a great Easter! –xoxo

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