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Teacher Appreciation Ideas – Support and Maintenance Kit


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Looking for some simple Teacher Appreciation Ideas? This darling + creative Teacher Support and Maintenance Kit is a great and clever way to thank those wonderful teachers!

I’m always blown away over how much time and energy teachers put into their jobs. With friends who are teachers, it’s incredible to see them continuing to work, even when the school day is over, or even on the weekends. I think it’s safe to say that Somewhat Simple absolutely LOVES teachers!

Because we love teachers so much, we created this clever Teacher Support and Maintenance Kit to help teachers laugh, and give them a little recharge when needed. 😉

Teacher Appreciation Ideas – Support and Maintenance Kit


  • Teacher Support and Maintenance Kit Printables (download here)
  • scissors
  • tape
  • supplies to that go along with our creative tags
  • bucket, basket, or caddy


  1. First, print and cut out your Teacher Support and Maintenance Kit.
  2. Attach to individual items.
  3. Then arrange them into a bucket, basket, or caddy.
  4. Make a teacher’s day!

Here’s what we used in our Teacher Support and Maintenance Kit to go along with our darling tags:

fun socks  /  paper straws Nightly Calm tea

Some other ideas could be: scarf, suckers, massage gift card.

Other ideas: hand sanitizer, gloves, laffy taffy.

These are pretty standard, but another idea to “hold in together” could be washi tape.

Other ideas: ice cube tray, any color of permanent markers, anything stretchy. 😉

Other ideas: cute washi tape, push pins or magnets.

We’re in love with how these turned out! Probably one of our favorite teacher survival type kits ever. 😉

In addition to everything you see here, we’ve also included blank tags so you can write your own clever saying! We’d LOVE to hear what you come up with- let us know in the comments!

Teacher Support and Maintenance Kit

Click to download our Teacher support + maintenance kit!

This post was first published in 2011, but was updated with darling printables in 2017.

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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