Scripture Goodies

scripture goodies

I made these Scripture Goodies for the ladies I visit teach when the monthly message was about searching the scriptures. I put some vinyl lettering on the outside of a cute plant pot and filled it with some fun things that may come in handy while reading scriptures. So easy, so cute! … [Read more...]

Leah’s Princess Party

wand and crown

Ever since she turned 2, my daughter has been talking about having a princess party for her 3rd birthday. I'm all about keeping parties very simple- here is what we did: First, we sent out these invitations: All princesses arrived in their best princess gowns and we had 1 station for each little girl that we spent about 15 minutes at before rotating. The stations we had were: (Image Source) We glammed up each little princess with some blush, eye shadow and lip gloss. (Image … [Read more...]

Mod Podge Frame

mod podge frame 1

My little sister's boyfriend had a birthday last week, and she wanted to get him something special without spending a lot of money. I have made a mod podge frame several times for different people and thought it would be something cute for her to make for him- it is thoughtful, personal and will make her look all crafty and talented! Plus, this gift can be made in about an hour- perfect for the time crunch we were in! Supplies needed:   5x7 wood frame- flat wood, no grooves or … [Read more...]

An Easy Way to Edit Photos


In 2008, I came across the site I used it almost daily and the best part of it all was that is was FREE! Most of the pictures on this blog went from my camera to to this blog- I rarely posted raw pictures because I am horrible at taking pictures to begin with! With Picnik, I could touch up photos, crop them, add a border, make them black and white, add some text, make a collage... the possibilities were endless! Now that Picnik has closed up shop, I use Pic Monkey, which … [Read more...]