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Meet Stephanie, Founder + Creator

Rob and Stephanie and Family
It’s with much excitement that I welcome you to This entire business idea was born completely on a whim. I never anticipated that it would become what it is now, but I am enjoying every minute of it! In 2005, my husband and I moved our small family of three away from our childhood homes in Orange County to the suburbs of Phoenix. It was a big move for us, but we were happy to set roots in the valley, and we were excited to purchase our very first home. In that home, I developed a deeper love for design and creativity, and I gained the much-needed confidence in myself as a mom and as a homemaker.

After Rob and I had our third child, I found myself spinning among all the chaos of our growing family. (3 kids are no joke you guys!) I was feeling tired and not myself, I was overwhelmed, and totally struggling to find balance.

During this time, I realized I was lacking two aspects in life that I have come to know are essential- a creative outlet, and interaction with like-minded adults. So, in an effort to re-gain control, reconnect with long-distance family and friends, and with a determination to create more of my own happiness, I started a blog.

Somewhat Simple became my outlet to promote creativity and share success in everyday life. It is a place to inspire and encourage moms to find joy in the simple things. I loved the idea that I was creating happiness, one day at a time. This work was meaningful to me, and I worked hard for many years to build it; cooking and creating with the kids by my side during the day, and blogging at night when the house was dark and everyone was asleep.

Fast forward a couple of years, and here we are! To think that my little online journal has turned into this growing website is still unbelievable. I have a team of creative women I get to work closely with, and I am able to interact with thousands of like-minded moms every day. Perhaps the best part is that I get to do it all in the comfort of my home, usually dressed in my jammies, with my family right by my side.

What an amazing ride this has been!

Thank you for taking the time to visit Somewhat Simple. We love hosting you, and hope you might be inspired to create and have fun with your families – whatever stage in life you are in!


Stephanie Dulgarian

Meet The Team

Nice to meet you!

Stephanie Dulgarian, Owner + Creative Director

Stephanie Dulgarian is the creator of Somewhat Simple. She is a self-taught cook who believes strongly in the power of retail therapy. In between her projects and travel adventures, Stephanie enjoys life at home, cooking favorite family recipes. Simplifying and organizing makes her smile, but spending time with her husband and five kids is what makes her heart the happiest.

Rob Dulgarian, Owner + Site Manager

Rob is the business and finance expert behind the scenes of A former CPA and Commercial Real Estate junkie, Rob left corporate America in 2018 to help grow Somewhat Simple. He is a father of 5 who enjoys traveling, saving money, guacamole and traveling. Also, he loves to travel.

Sarah Garlick, Creative Assistant

Sarah is a mom of 3 and wife to an awesome guy who’s super lucky to experience her sarcasm on a daily basis. She’s been Steph’s partner in crime since 2013, and plans on being neighbors at the retirement home someday. Sarah recently added cancer-butt-kicker to her resume. But that’s another story…

Alicia Skousen, Contributor

Alicia is in love with all things food! She loves to bake bread, cupcakes, cookies… you name it! When not baking, she can be found running after her two adorable little girls or working as an RN. She also enjoys knitting, reading, and trying to squeeze in time with her husband every day. She’s also into photography and graphic design, and she loves learning new things.


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Somewhat Simple is a creative lifestyle blog. Our team provides daily content to a growing audience that is passionate about their homes and families. They love simple recipes, projects and crafts, family-friendly travel ideas, lifestyle tips and more! Our creative expertise has expanded into ongoing partnerships with several major brands. We have worked closely with Huggies, Kraft, Better Homes and Gardens, Disney and Lowes, and we can’t wait to promote your company too!

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Since launching in 2009, Somewhat Simple has become a favorite source of creative inspiration for thousands of daily readers! Our strong following on social media and our active online community continues to grow every day. Our high traffic average is over 1.2 million monthly page views, 300,000+ social media followers, and 25,000+ newsletter subscribers. For specific analytics, please contact us.

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