Mom Makeup- Applying Mascara

Young woman applying mascara in bathroom

You can make your lashes longer, thicker and darker in just a few extra minutes by applying mascara. It is the best (and EASIEST!) way to draw attention to your eyes- but it can also draw attention to the flaws if not done right- the clumps, smudges, … [Read more...]

Proper Makeup Hygiene

My Makeup Brush Kit IMG_4650

I've posted how-to's on beauty and makeup but I've realized that I haven't posted about proper makeup hygiene. This is crucial because bacteria can harbor in makeup and brushes/sponges if not used or cared for properly. This can lead to eye … [Read more...]

Sultry Silver Eye Makeup


With holidays upon us, I was thinking about how this is the time of year you can get away with things that are otherwise a little overboard. Things like Hair tinsel, sparkly red sweaters, and gold EVERYTHING all help to create the fun, festive … [Read more...]