Get Villainess Eyes in 5 Steps


Villainess Eyes Tutorial Hi Somewhat Simple readers. My name is Wendy and I'm so happy to join the grand SS ship as a fashion and beauty blogger. I've written on the topic for many years now and absolutely love my job. Whether I'm discussing complex skincare issues with renowned experts, writing and photographing manicure/skincare/makeup tutorials, researching fashion trends or giggling at funny gifs of Tim Gunn, I breath fashion and beauty all day long. Introductions aside, today I'm writing … [Read more...]

Proper Makeup Hygiene

My Makeup Brush Kit IMG_4650

I've posted how-to's on beauty and makeup but I've realized that I haven't posted about proper makeup hygiene. This is crucial because bacteria can harbor in makeup and brushes/sponges if not used or cared for properly. This can lead to eye infections, breakouts, and spreading germs. Eeek. So I'm going to go over some basics with you about your makeup's shelf life (yes, just like food, makeup should be tossed when it's reached its expiration) and how to clean and disinfect tools as well. Along … [Read more...]

Sultry Silver Eye Makeup


With holidays upon us, I was thinking about how this is the time of year you can get away with things that are otherwise a little overboard. Things like Hair tinsel, sparkly red sweaters, and gold EVERYTHING all help to create the fun, festive feeling that makes this time of year so fun. One thing you can really have fun with is eye makeup! So I put together a tutorial that will bring out every eye color, and will scream Merry Christmas!....Happy New Year!.....Where's the eggnog? Or whatever … [Read more...]