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Paper Fortune Cookies

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Paper Fortune Cookies for a fun surprise gift or a memorable birthday party keepsake. Learn how to make them with this easy step by step tutorial.

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brightly colored fortune cookies made out of paper

My little Elle just turned one and it was such a special day! I know she won’t remember a thing, but I did my best to capture as many memories as I possibly could. I obviously took a TON of pictures, and since her birthday party was a Chinese theme, we made her a special cookie jar full of birthday fortunes/wishes from her party guests. Similar to the concept of a time capsule, the fortunes are to be kept unopened until a later moment in time, like her 16th birthday or high school graduation.

I had a table set up where guests would write birthday fortunes to Elle as they entered the party. I also had friends and family who live out of state or were unable to attend her party email me their fortunes. The entire idea worked out so well, and I am excited for Elle to have this special keepsake.

If you’ve never made paper fortune cookies before, let me show you just how simple they are!

What You’ll Need

  • Cardstock with your favorite colors and patterns
  • A pattern that has a 3 inch diameter.  I used the top of a large canning lid
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Fortune strips to place inside the paper cookies
  • Glue
  • Clothes pins
  • Cookie Jar

How to Make Paper Fortune Cookies

Trace & Cut – You’ll want to use your circle template to trace and cut out as many circles as you want.

Easy Origami – Fold each circular piece of paper using the directions below to make your fortune cookies.

Add Fortune & Close – Once you’ve made your paper cookie, slide the strip with the fortune on it inside the cookie.  Once inside, you will close the cookie with a dab of white glue.  You’ll also want to use a rubber band or clothes pin to help the cookie hold its shape while it dries.

supplies needed for a paper craft project

brightly colored fortune cookies made out of paper
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How to Make Paper Fortune Cookies

How to Make Paper Fortune Cookies for a fun surprise gift or a memorable birthday party keepsake.

Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes


  • colorful cardstock
  • circle template approx. 3" diameter - I used a canning lid
  • paper fortune strips
  • white glue
  • clothespins or rubber bands
  • cookie jar


  1. Place your circle template on the backside of your cardstock and trace as many circles as you need with your pencil. Cut out each circle.
  2. Choose one of the cut circles and gently fold it in half. Tightly crease only the very center - do not crease across the entire circle.
  3. Fold the circle in half again, this time in the opposite direction from the crease you just made. (This first crease will now be perpendicular to your new fold.)
  4. Carefully push the fold to the center while using your thumb and middle finger to bring both ends together.
  5. Add a fortune slip into one of the side openings before bringing both ends completely together. Add a small dab of glue near the fold to hold the cookie's shape.
  6. Use a clothespin to hold the cookie together until the glue dries.
  7. Place the cookies in a jar for safekeeping, and you're done!

a jar filled with paper fortune cookies

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Tiffany Bird is the creative mom of three little girls and the author of the blog Simply Modern Mom. Tiffany was a guest blogger on Somewhat Simple in February of 2010. This post was updated in 2020.

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