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Painted Rock Art Tutorial

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Head out on a rock hunt with your little campers then get creative with painted rock art!

Painted Rock Art

Any time we go on a camping trip or head up north for a relaxing week at the cabin, it’s pretty much a guarantee that we come home with a bucket full of rocks. The best are the super smooth river rocks, especially when you plan on doing some arts and crafts projects with them!

I love how simple this craft project is, yet it can provide hours of fun for the kids. From finding the perfect rocks to choosing paint colors and designs. Plus, it’s an easy craft to pack, especially when you are camping and don’t want to haul a ton of supplies with you!

Painted Rock Art Kid Craft

Painted Rock Art


  • rocks
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brushes
  • Sharpies or paint pens


  1. Collect rocks in a variety of shapes and sizes. If needed, wash off dirt and debris with a little soap and water.
  2. Choose a paint color and brush on a few coats, letting the paint dry between coats.
  3. Using paint pens or sharpies, decorate the rocks with patterns and designs.

Painted Rock Art Kid Craft

The Sharpies work great for adding designs and patterns to white rocks. For darker colors, the paint pens work perfect! You could also use smaller paint brushes and just add on designs with the acrylic paint. This project can be as simple as you want it to be! We have also turned rocks into ladybugs, snakes, and bumble bees; there really are so many possibilities!

Painted Rock Art Kid Craft


And when you get home, you can display the rocks in a bowl or add them to the garden for some fun pops of color!

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