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Homemade Mini Pinatas


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These homemade mini pinatas are an easy craft to make with your kids that are just as much fun to break open as the bigger ones.  Made using a few simple materials that are easy to find, these DIY pinatas are perfect for any celebration!

My kids love to make fun new projects any time there’s an opportunity to do so.  Some of their favorite things they have made is the easy Slime Recipe, Homemade Playdough and these adorable Ribbon Wands.

these three multi colored mini pinatas are a fun cinco de mayo craft idea for kids

Small DIY Pinatas

What kid doesn’t love a pinata?  There’s no feeling in the world that’s better for a kid than breaking open a pinata and seeing all of the candy spill out onto the floor.

These mini pinatas are not only a fun party activity, they are also a super easy craft for kids! These are perfect for a Cinco de Mayo celebration, a birthday party and everything in between.  No long sticks are needed to bust these open, no ropes are used to hang them up high.  Moms and dads will love them too since there’s no risk of getting hit with a bat!:) Here is a simple tutorial on how to make your own!

four green cups with ribbon attached to three of them and the fourth has purple tissue paper attached to it with a rubber band. These are the first couple of steps to making a homemade pinata.

Mini Pinata Supplies

What I love about this easy craft idea is that the supplies needed to make these mini pinatas are simple and easy to find.  If you don’t have them already in your house, you can find them at almost any large retail store.

  • Paper Cups
  • Colorful Napkins or Tissue Paper
  • Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Candy and small toys to fill the pinatas with
  • Rubber band

How To Make Mini Pinatas

  1. Begin by poking a small hole in the bottom of each cup and threading a ribbon through.
  2. Tie a knot in the ribbon to prevent it from slipping out.
  3. Fill cups with candy or small toys and cover with a piece of tissue paper, using a rubber band to hold it in place.
  4. Cut the napkin or tissue paper in in small strips and then fold each strip in half.
  5. Cut slits along the fold and then wrap strips around the cup, using tape to keep them in place.
  6. Attach strips all the way up and around the cup.
  7. Tape a piece of ribbon to the tissue paper that is holding all the the goodies in.
  8. When it’s time to break open the piñata, allow the recipient to pull the taped ribbon, causing the tissue paper to rip and the goodies to come spilling out!


three completed mini pinatas that are made with different colored paper are hanging from above

Now that your pinatas are finished, it’s time to celebrate! (Aren’t these so fun?!)  I just love how versatile these homemade mini pinatas can be! Chose any colors or theme you want and put anything inside – who wouldn’t LOVE these at their next party?  Have fun!!!

mini pinatas

This post originally published on Somewhat Simple in November 2011 but was updated in August 2014

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