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Free Printable Coloring Pages

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I’m happy to be me! Isn’t this one of the things we want most for our children? For them to know who they are and to be happy about it? To love themselves and be confident in who they are? I hope these free printable coloring pages will not only be something fun to hang on the wall when you’re through, but that they’ll inspire you to have a fun conversation with your kids–no matter their age–about what makes them unique.

Each year as we prepare for going back to school, I wonder if I’ve done enough to send my kids off confidently. Will they make new friends easily? Will they worry about what everyone else is doing or will they have a strong sense of self and stay true to who they are?


I think the jury’s still out about if we can teach our children to have positive self-esteem. Personally, I believe these things come little by little as we have spontaneous conversations with our kids. But sometimes we need an excuse to sit down and chat about what we like the best about each other, what to do when we’re worried about feeling different, or how to stay true to ourselves. I love coloring pages, even for older kids, because it can bring out quite a bit of our own creativity. It can also create a great time to talk while our hands are busy.


Each free printable measures 8×10 inches so you can pop in a frame when you’re done if you’d like. Teachers, these are also perfect for a first day of school activity and for hanging up in your classroom.

Print out these coloring pages and have a nice chat with your kids! Talk about why they chose the specific page they did, why they chose solid colors or prints, or if any of their designs represent parts of their personalities. These may not be things they share quickly and openly, so be prepared to be patient. I got a lot of answers like “I chose blue because I like blue.” But go ahead and plant those positive thoughts and wait while the wheels turn in their heads. We can help our children see that their differences are beautiful and needed. How boring the world would be if we all had the same talents or all made the same decisions!?

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