Magnetic Advent Calendar

mag advent calendar

My family had so much fun with this magnetic advent calendar, I can't wait to pull it out and use it again! Here is how I made mine: 1. Gather your materials: A mini muffin tin ($4.50 @ Wal-Mart), scrapbook paper, cardstock, embellishments … [Read more...]

Bandanna Dress

The 15-Minute Bandanna Dress   How cute is this?   I found this great idea from Trey & Lucy. Tanya gives a great tutorial and makes it look sooo easy! There are a lot of people on etsy selling super cute ones too! Here is … [Read more...]

Let’s Celebrate!

lets celebrate

This Celebration Board has been a lot of fun in our home. Its our family's place to write any reason at all to celebrate for the day. It just makes me smile looking at some of the reasons my kids come up with! This was MY reason to celebrate- our … [Read more...]

Live in the Moment, take 2

I love this quote: “The biggest mistake I made [as a parent] is the one that most of us make. … I did not live in the moment enough. This is particularly clear now that the moment is gone, captured only in photographs. There is one picture of [my … [Read more...]

Steph in the Hot Seat!

getting to know stephanie

A couple weeks ago I went to the readers of the Somewhat Simple Facebook page and told them they could ask me any (appropriate) questions and I would dedicate an entire blog post to reply. So without any further delay, here I am in the HOT SEAT ready … [Read more...]

A Family Puzzle

This is an easy, fun, cheap craft that I featured on Mod Podge Rocks. Each step of the tutorial has a picture, for those visual learners like me! Materials Needed: -Picture (I just copied and pasted one into a Word doc. then sized it and … [Read more...]

Cereal Box Totes

For those of you who might have missed my blog swap with Emily, here is the fun project I posted! I call them Cereal Box Totes, and they are so easy you just might want to grab your kids and make these together- I did! Here is a step by step … [Read more...]