Magnetic Advent Calendar

mag advent calendar

My family had so much fun with this magnetic advent calendar, I can't wait to pull it out and use it again! Here is how I made mine: 1. Gather your materials: A mini muffin tin ($4.50 @ Wal-Mart), scrapbook paper, cardstock, embellishments (stickers, numbers, distressing ink etc.) magnets, glue gun, scissors 2. Cut your squares.I have 24 solid red cardstock squares and 6 different prints (4 of each) in Christmas-y scrapbook squares. My red cardstock is 2 1/4 inches squared and my … [Read more...]

Bandanna Dress

The 15-Minute Bandanna Dress   How cute is this?   I found this great idea from Trey & Lucy. Tanya gives a great tutorial and makes it look sooo easy! There are a lot of people on etsy selling super cute ones too! Here is what the dresses can or should look like: This darling one is from Fancy Pants By Jamee   A little different variation by Shelly Stout (Shelly's etsy shop link is broken- Shelly, if you are out there, email me so I can give you credit for … [Read more...]

Let’s Celebrate!

lets celebrate

This Celebration Board has been a lot of fun in our home. Its our family's place to write any reason at all to celebrate for the day. It just makes me smile looking at some of the reasons my kids come up with! This was MY reason to celebrate- our whole family seen by the dentist and not a single cavity in anybody's teeth! Here's how to make your own: I used the front of a drawer from the As-Is section at Ikea that I bought for $1.99 If you want your entire board to be a chalkboard, you … [Read more...]

Let’s Eat- Recipe Reviews

Here are my reviews for the recipes I made for this month's challenge:••• Chocolate PieI followed THIS recipe almost exactly. The only thing I changed was that I bought a graham cracker crust and didn't make one myself. Because of this I also did not add the chocolate to the crust either, so my Triple Chocolate Pie was only a Double Chocolate Pie- oh well!My review is probably not very fair. I am not a pumpkin pie fan!! I am a huge chocolate fan, so I thought this would sit better with me, but … [Read more...]

Mission: Ribbon Organization

After I posted my Craft Area Makeover, I had email after email asking me to show how I hung my ribbon on the cork board. This is so easy, you won't believe it! It was one of those temporary ideas that worked out surprisingly well so I decided I didn't need to change after all!Here is what I did.I put all my ribbon onto dowels. On each side of the dowel I got a piece of ribbon and folded it over, making a loop just big enough for the dowel to fit through. Then I glued the ribbon with hot glue- … [Read more...]

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