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By now it should be no secret how much I love to create- I’ve built this entire website around my love of creativity! But unlike so many other creative people who craft or sew or design, I don’t have a dedicated craft room or studio in my house. My crafty projects are usually completed at our family’s dinner table, and whatever creative supplies I’m working with are strewn about all over my kitchen counters until my project is done.

Of course my dream house will have an awesome room with walls of paper and fabric and ribbon neatly organized- a place I can go to create where all my tools are at arms reach. But until I win the lottery, I make do with what available space I do have. Spaces like these:

craft area 1One of the first “crafty areas” I had in this house consisted of a small secretary’s desk with 2 cupboards in our hallway. It was too teeny to create anything in this space, and too teeny to keep things organized.

So then I got the “bright” idea to move all my craft supplies out of the cupboard and into our baby’s nursery. ‘Cause a baby doesn’t need a whole room to himself when all he does is sleep in there, right?


craft area 2I completely took over the room, and because there was no space for any shelving (darn that huge crib and baby’s dresser!) this place lacked any organization. Such madness! (You can read all about it on this post HERE.) This room sat this way for 2 years. And then I had a brilliant idea.

Our guest room.

We have an entire room set up for guests that is used often enough for me to justify keeping the bed in there for our family and friends, but there is no reason why I couldn’t better utilize the rest of the space. Like, inside the closet. Surely my craft supplies need a home more than they need a place to hang their vacation clothes, right? They never stay longer than a few days and they live out of their suitcases anyway! And our guest room is right off of our dining room, which is where I would still sit and create, so the close proximity means quicker cleanup- bonus!

So I got to work. I bought 3 shelving units from IKEA that fit the closet perfectly.

And just as I was getting ready to fill those shelves, Office Depot contacted me and asked if I would be interested in trying out there fabulous line of organization supplies from their See Jane Work collection-um, YES PLEASE! It was like Christmas all over again!! (I showed you how I used some of their office organization products a few weeks ago in my kitchen office.)

Here is what my craft area looks like now-

(drum roll please…)

craft closet

craft organization 2Ahhhh! I love it!!!

There is a place for everything and I LOVE how organized it is!

craft organization 1

Here is a list of the products I used:

Storage Boxes:
Photo/CD Box:
Storage Box:

Fabric Bin:

The See Jane Work collection is sold exclusively at Office Depot stores and online.For more information on all the products available in this line, visit or follow the Office Depot Facebook page.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Office Depot. All opinions are 100% my own.

That was fun! What does your craft area look like???

Wife, mom of 5, and creator of Somewhat Simple, Stephanie has a passion to create and inspire. She is an Orange County transplant who is now enjoying life in Phoenix, AZ. She enjoys traveling, shopping, organizing, cooking and creating simple projects for her home and family.
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  1. Emily says

    Oh, I love it! One of these days, I'll stop doing my random crafts wherever I happen to be in the house. (Our formal dining room we've used for eating maybe twice is now my craft area most of the time.)

  2. Gretta says

    I'm jealous (hehe)!! I LOVE your craft desk. And the glue gun idea of always being plugged in is awesome! Maybe one day I will have a craft room…or even, half of a craft room! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nancy Jacobs Basketmaster says

    You've done a great job! I love ribbon too so perhaps we have a contageous ribbon sickness. hehe
    Enjoyed the pictures.

  4. JoAnn Anderson says

    Love it! I too store all my craft supplies in a closet. I’m in love with your ribbon organizer. Did you just use a piece of wood with huge nails through it? If so, where in the world did you find the nails and get then through the wood? Thanks for the organizing inspiration. Have a crafty day!

  5. says

    Awesome ideas! I too only have a very small closet to organize my craft stash! Keeping things separate in bins is definitely a must or it quickly becomes one jumbled mess!

  6. says

    Looks fabulous Stephanie! There’s nothing better than organized craft supplies and you nailed it! I love that you don’t have to have an entire room dedicated to it either. Fantastic job!

    • says

      The wire baskets came from Pick Your Plum- aren’t they fabulous?!? I will let you know when I see them on sale again if you’d like!