My Little Adventure Pack: How to make a drawstring bag

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Kids + Summer Time = Lots of Fun Adventures!

With the weather being hot, I find myself often distributing water bottles, small snacks and my kids favorite toys to take on their adventures. But what do you put all these little things in?  I’ll show you how to make a drawstring bag!


  • 2 pieces of fabric, 11 1/2 inches by 15 inches
  • A few scraps of fabric
  • Heat Bond Iron-on Transfer Paper (The kind you can sew on)
  • An Iron and ironing board
  • Sewing Machine and matching threads
  • Ribbon/cording/or thin rope (110 inches)
  • Fray Check

This tutorial will show you how to make the flower version of the Adventure Pack, since the flower is a little more complex then the dinosaur.

*All my sewing stitch lengths will be done with a 1/2 inch.


sew a drawstring bag 1

1.  Get your Heat and Bond transfer paper and trace a flower and leaves.  I free-handed a flower with 3 petals of the same shape just varying in size.

2.  Grab your scraps of fabric and iron the Heat and Bond shapes onto your fabric.

sew a drawstring bag 02

3.  Take off the paper from the heat and bond and iron the leaves on first. Find where you like it placed best, but remember you will be making a 1/2 inch seam along 3 of the sides and also adding button holes at the bottom of the bag, so leave adequate space.

4.  Sew down the two leaves.

5.  Then take the paper off the largest flower and iron it on and then sew it down as well.


sew a drawstring bag 3

6. Pin the two bag pieces of fabric together with right sides facing in.  Pin 3 of the sides leaving the top of the bag open.

7.  You are going to start sewing about 2-3 inches down from the top of the bag.  DO NOT start at the very top.  This unsewn part is where the casing will be made at the end.  If you have sewn it you will be unpicking stitches- let’s avoid that if possible!

8. Take a look at my unsewn top part so you can see how much I left.

9.  Iron the stitching open.  Even the top part that you did not sew.


sew a drawstring bag 4
10.  Make your first casing by folding over twice about 1 inch and pinning it. Then repeat with the other side.

11. Sew down each side of the casing.


sew a drawstring bag 5

12.  Turn your bag right side out and iron it flat.  Then, make a button hole on both corners of the bottom of the bag.

13.  Use your seam ripper and rip open the button hole and then fray check the fabric you ripped open.

14.   Cut two ribbons to 55 inches in length and grab a the tool you will use to push the ribbon through.


sew a drawstring bag 6

15.  For each side, start threading your ribbon through the bottom of the bag. Thread through the button hole, up through the front casing, through the back casing, then back down to the bottom.

16. Even the ribbon out so it is equal lengths and then tie it off at the bottom. The ribbon on each side the top should pull closed.

Now, you have completed your pack!!

sew a drawstring bag 7Here is a Dinosaur version:

sew a drawstring bag 8

Happy Summer Adventures!

Feel free to pin this image:

sew a drawstring bag 9

This post originally featured on Somewhat Simple in June 2011.

It was written by Tasha from Creation Corner who wrote as our Kid’s Craft Contributor.

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  1. Alicia (Tails of an Apronista) says

    This is a darling bag ad looks easy enough to make up a few! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

  2. says

    What a fun bag! I wish I had time to make them for my 4 little guys! I will be filing this one away somewhere in my memory for that day!

  3. Josie says

    Great tutorial. i already have a drawstring bag I was thinking about embellishing, and this is perfect. But my drawstring bag is made out of some synthetic fabric. Would the flower still work? Do you need to use the iron, or can you just sew it on??

  4. says

    You do not have to iron it on is just holds it there for you better. If you are able to just sew it on then it would work, it just would not be as strong and might slip around a bit more for you. I hope that helps!

  5. says

    I remember making drawstring bags in 7th grade home ec. They weren’t nearly as cute as yours though. I may need to make some pretty drawstring bags!