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Birthday Cards for Foster Kids


This fun service idea for kids will help bring needed joy to children in Foster Care.

service idea for kids

Each Monday this summer, I have invited some special guests to share a fun service idea you could do with your kids. To kick off the “Summer of Service” series, I want to show you a fun idea I did with my own kids just last week.

service idea for kids

Last Fall I bought a really great book titled 52 Weeks of Fun Family Service, by Merrilee Browne Boyack. One of the many fun ideas suggested in this book is to make Birthday cards for Foster kids. Here is what we did:

service idea for kidsWhen I told my kids we would be doing service activities each week this summer on “Thoughtful Thursday”, my 4 year old asked, “What is service?” We had a simple discussion about what it means to be of service.  Some examples we talked about were having a lemonade stand and donate money to a charity.  We can write letters to our grandparents who live out of state.  Or we can bring dinner to the new mom at church. We could also pick up trash at the community park, etc. I then told them in my own words a cute story about service from Thomas S. Monson. My kids and I talked about how service can make us feel and how important it is for us to serve others.

service idea for kidsNone of my kids had ever heard of “Foster Kids”, so I explained to them that not all children are as blessed as they are to have a home with a family and that many kids are put into a Foster Home and are watched over by other people. Some foster kids don’t know what it is like to be loved, or have friends and many of them do not get to celebrate their birthdays. When I suggested that we take the time that day to make these kids some cards for their birthdays, my kids were all over it!

First, we gathered supplies:

service idea for kidsWe had cardstock, scissors, glue, stickers, crayons, markers, ribbon etc.

Next, we got creative:

service idea for kidsWith a plethora of supplies at hand, the kids had a blast decorating and writing sweet messages to kids they don’t even know!

Then, we shipped them out:

service idea for kidsWe put all of the cards in an envelope and got them ready to go into the mailbox. I did a quick Google search for foster homes in my area.  From that, I was able to find a children’s foundation that dealt directly with the foster care system. I called the number and spoke with a lady who gave me an address that would take the cards and distribute them.

Lastly, we Grabbed a Treat:

service idea for kidsThe book suggests making ice cream sundaes to celebrate anyone and everyone’s birthday, so we hopped in the car and drove to our favorite yogurt shop and grabbed a fun treat! It was a great ending to a great afternoon. My 8 year old said to me, “Mom, doing service is fun!” …and I think so too!


service idea for kidsStay tuned for even more service activity ideas right here on Somewhat Simple each Monday!service idea for kids

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