The Un Valentines Gift

valentines sucks

This Un Valentines gift was inspired by my cousin’s FB status last February:

"4 days till Singles Awareness Day....greeaat!"

And she had this picture on her wall:

I realize that Valentines Day is not all roses and chocolates for everyone.

I’m married, but my Valentines Day will consist of helping kids with homework, then shuttling kids to and from piano practice, cub scouts and soccer practice. Somewhere in there I should probably find time to make dinner, but the truth is my “romantic Valentine’s dinner” will probably come in the form of a pizza. That’s just the reality.

But I’m ok with it. I don’t have high any expectations.

So whether you’re single or with someone who doesn’t  celebrate the day as fantastic as the media makes it seem like you should, the truth is, Valentines Day is not always what its cracked up to be.

So here is a little something I created for all those out there who feel that the hype of this day is completely overrated. Feel free to hand these out to those of your friends who feel the same way:

valentines sucks 006

I just put a few suckers in a cute $2 jar, added the printable to the inside (download below) and tied it up with a ribbon.

I know its not as romantic as a small box with a big diamond ring, or as cool as a car with a big red bow, but hopefully this {gift} will get a smile or two from those on the receiving end when they realize they were thought of  today.

valentines day sucks

Here is the free printable I made.


And that, my friends, is way better than an expensive steak and overpriced roses.

Well, maybe not better than a steak. Steak dinners are pretty tasty.

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    Thanks for the much-needed giggle this evening, after discovering (last minute) that my 5th grade son’s class IS exchanging Valentines tomorrow. Thank goodness for free printables! My Valentine’s Day will be much like yours (except my hubby is out of town!), but I really enjoyed your post, and can so totally relate!