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The Best April Fools Pranks – April Fools Jokes for Your Spouse


They say one sign of a good marriage is how much you laugh with each other. Let’s put that to the test with these fun April Fools pranks + April Fools Jokes for your spouse!

April fools pranks

Here is a variety of some of the funniest April fools pranks we’ve heard – just in time for April Fool’s Day. If your spouse doesn’t handle jokes very well, there are a few mild and tame ideas. But if you’re married to a practical joker like I am, you might want to go all out! 🙂

We shared a few favorite April fools Jokes in the video below, but make sure you read all the way to the comments because our readers have added some of their ideas that literally had us cracking up!!! (You can add some of your own ideas too – we’d love to see them!)

10 Funniest April Fools Pranks for Your Spouse

Place poppers under the toilet seat.

You know those little white “firecracker” type things that come in the cute little boxes? I bet you wouldn’t think they were so cute after sitting down for an explosive moment at the toilet…


If you are going to do a food-related joke, I recommend doing it about midnight (so the very start of April Fool’s). That way they are NOT expecting it at all. This helped me gain a lot of enemies in college. Think Chocolate covered cotton balls stringing from people’s teeth….or how about toothpaste-filled homemade Oreos?

Put His Car Up For Sale.

Ok, this one is my ABSOLUTE favorite. I did this to my husband last year and he was getting calls all day. Put “for sale” on his car with a ridiculously low number. I was a little extra mean and posted the picture to Facebook asking all my friends to call on it. 🙂

Put Googley Eyes On His Lunch.

This one is totally harmless, but might bring a smile.

Mess With His Phone.

Change his ringtone to something totally lame or obnoxious or promiscuous and then call him while he is at work. OR…Set random alerts/messages to go off all day.

Send a Message.

Send him off to work with a loving little pat on the bum, and make sure to leave a fun sticker or note attached without him knowing. It could be something like “I have no clue this is here. Applaud every time you see me” or something random and silly that will have him wondering what’s going on.

Special Outfit.

Tell your husband that you are headed to bed and that you are putting something “special” on for him. If he thinks what I think he might think, he won’t be too far behind you! Be hiding under the covers in footy pajamas, or something ridiculous that will have you both laughing for years to come.

Auto-Correct Madness.

In Microsoft Word on their laptop, use the Autocorrect feature to “correct” a commonly used word such as “the” by automatically inserting “April Fools’!” You can also do this with his iPhone by setting up a keyboard shortcut. (My husband actually did this for me a few months ago!) Every time I texted the word “and” it came up with “I have the best husband ever!”

Car Switch.

Find your spouses vehicle at work and then move it to another spot. Or, if he/she has keys to your car, switch out his for yours and then park it in another stall.

Drawer Switch.

Move your husbands drawers around so that he can’t find what he is looking for in the morning!

More Fun April Fools Ideas

April fools pranks for your spouse

Add your own April fools jokes for your spouse to the comment section below! 


These are the FUNNIEST and BEST April Fools pranks and jokes to play on your spouse!  Make this April Fools Day extra memorable! #aprilfoolsjokesforyourspouse #video #aprilfoolspranks #funnyaprilfoolsjokes

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