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April Fools Pranks -25 Best April Fools Day Jokes


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Be prepared for April Fools Day with an arsenal of jokes that you can play on kids, spouses and co workers!  Here is the best compilation of good April Fools pranks and jokes!!

Don’t let April Fool’s Day sneak up on you this year without having a plan for some practical jokes! We’ve collected 25 of the best April Fools day jokes that you can have ready to go for your kids, your coworkers, your spouse, and any other unsuspecting victims…. I mean friends. 😉

25 Best April Fools Jokes

April Fools Day Activities

April Fools Jokes for Kids

  1. Cockroach in a Shoe- Place a big fake roach in the shoe of a family member.
  2. Toothpaste Tricks-  Insert a raisin into a tube of toothpaste then watch the look on the face of the person who squeezes it out!
  3. Sleep Swap – If your kids are heavy sleepers, carry them into their siblings beds so they wake up in a different spot. (A great way to start April Fool’s Day!)
  4. Sleep Tight- Short-sheet a bed by tucking in both ends of the top sheet at the head of the bed. When the fool crawls in, her feet will stop short.
  5. Cereal Games- Pour a bowl of cereal and milk the night before, and then freeze it with the spoon inside and all. Or, instead of milk, use white liquid glue!
  6. Orange Juice – Fill up a pitcher with some water + the powder from a box of mac and cheese. It looks just like orange juice!
  7. Plastic Wrapping- Unscrew shampoo bottles, toothpaste, condiments and more and cover with plastic wrap. Replace the cap and watch the next user go crazy wondering what is going on!
  8. Tricky Candy – Dip some cheese puff balls into melting chocolate and let them harden. Then, put them in a candy Whopper box. Watch the faces of your unsuspecting victims as soon as they bite into the chocolate-covered cheese puffs!
  9. Nickle Nonsense- Tape a nickle to the underside of a bathroom faucet so it sprays them in the pants when they go to wash their hands.
  10. Brownie Points – Cut some letter “E”s out of brown paper, then put them in a brownie pan. When your kids get home from school, tell them you made some brownie (Brown – E’s) and pull the brownie pan out of the oven. They’ll laugh and be disappointed all at the same time!

april fools jokes for your spouse - April fools pranks

April Fools Jokes for Your Spouse

  1. Alarm-ing- Set someones alarm clock to go off super early in the morning, set a bunch of clocks to go off at the same time, or set random reminders to go off on their cell phones all day.
  2. Chalk it Up- Using a chalk marker, write “Just Married! Honk to Congratulate!” on the windows of your spouse’s car.
  3. Pant Problem- Sew the pant legs shut on the pants your husband wears to work.
  4. Sucky Soap- Paint a layer of clear nail polish over a bar of soap.
  5. Pregnancy Prank- Send a picture of a positive pregnancy test to your spouse if you aren’t wanting or trying to conceive. (My husband would DIE!!) 

(Check out our post FULL of pranks for your spouse.)

April Fools Pranks for the Office

  1. Candy Mix-Up- Put similar looking candies in a dish at the office (ie. M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces and Skittles) and watch as people take a handful and wince when they have no idea what they just put in their mouths.
  2. Money Money- Glue a dollar to the floor in a high-traffic area, and watch people unsuccessfully try to pick it up.
  3. Mouse Trap – Stick a piece of scotch tape on the underside of their mouse so the ball doesn’t move their cursor.
  4. Phone Contacts – Change your contact name in your friend’s phone to “Mom,” and send various messages that aren’t exactly mom-like.
  5. Push or Pull – Print the word “PUSH” on a piece of paper and tape it to a door that should be pulled.
  6. Plastic Wrap in the Doorway – Tape some plastic wrap across a doorway at shoulder height and watch how many people walk right into it.
  7. Coffee Prank – Take the lid or cap off of someones cup of coffee, then stretch some plastic wrap over it and replace the lid.
  8. Swap the Soap – Take out the liquid soap in the bathroom and put some clear, washable glue.
  9. Hit-And-Run- Leave a fake apology note on your co-workers’s car telling them you are sorry for the dent you left. Watch as they inspect every square inch wondering where the dent is!
  10. Write It Down – Remove all the writing instruments in your co-workers desk and replace them with crayons

Looking for More Good April fools Pranks?

Alright everyone, this is where it gets even better! Leave your comments below with ideas you have done or have had done to you! I’m ready for a good laugh!

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