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Best Fabrics For Making An Apron


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Choosing the right fabric can make all the difference when making your own apron.  Here are a few tips and things to consider so you can choose the best fabric for your next apron.


how to choose the best fabric for an apron

It’s safe to say that I have spent a lot of time matching fabrics to aprons.  And, with the holiday season closing in on us, I wanted to give you a quick tutorial about choosing fabrics for aprons.  Because we all know that aprons make great gifts.

Today, I am going to show you how I go about putting two fabrics together to create an apron that I will love.  If you follow closely, you should be able to do the same and create beautiful aprons for yourself or as gifts.

How To Choose The Best Apron Fabric

For aprons, I ALWAYS use a 100% cotton in a quilting weight from a quality fabric manufacturer.  A few examples would be Michael Miller, Windham, and Moda.

The process begins with me being drawn to a particular fabric.   It may be the color or design.  In this case, I love both.  The combination of yellow and gray still excites me, so the colors are perfect.  I am also drawn to the modern design in the print and the fact that it is a stripe.

Another thing to consider is the size of the design.  Since I want a large print for the apron skirt, this fabric works perfectly.

Decision made; I’m going with this fabric from the Echo Collection by Windham Fabrics.  Besides, I’m a huge fan of the designer, Lotta Jansdotter.

yellow and gray fabric that will be used to make an apron

Choosing A Companion Fabric

The next step is choosing a companion fabric.  Since this fabric is part of a collection I will want to see what fabrics are available and start there.

From the same line, I tried this smaller gray and white print.  I’m not really in love with it because it looks like chicken feet, but it would definitely work.  However, I’m going to keep looking.

a yellow and gray main fabric and a grey and white companion fabric that will be used to make an apronMy second try was another fabric from this line, but this time I used a different design that will pull out the yellow in the fabric.

Technically, this fabric works.  The print is smaller than the one that will be used in the skirt and the colors go together well.

When I put them together they just don’t work for me.  The skirt fabric has a lot of white and so does the dandelion fabric.  If I used this in an apron it would be too bland.  Since I want my apron to be on my pattern’s cover page, I’m thinking bland won’t work for me.

a yellow and grey fabric and a dandelion fabric that will be used to make a fabric apronThird try.  Again, I went with something from the fabric line, but this time I went with a  large print on an orangey background.  I love the orange print, but not with the gray and yellow.  If these were pillows in my living room it might work, but not for an apron.

I will use the orange fabric elsewhere since I really like it.

two different fabric that will be used for a homemade apron

Finding The Best Apron Fabric

Fourth try’s the charm.  The minute I put these two fabrics together, I knew that I would like them in an apron.  The gray and white print is a smaller version of the skirt print.  The gray is a little more saturated color so it will stand out some.  Also, I like that it is a stripe.

With the Urban Chic Apron Pattern I need a fabric for the bodice top and also for the hem band.  This fabric gives me the option of running the stripe in a different direction at the hem.

a pair of different fabrics that will be used for an apron

Notice how I ran the bodice and pocket band in the same direction, but the hem band and the pocket are running in different directions.  This is why I like the striped nature of this design.  I gives me options with the pattern.

a finished fabric apron on a mannequinMatching fabrics with patterns really is easier than you think.



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