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L is for Lacing Cards Free Printable


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l is for lacing cards

My kids always loved lacing cards. They kept their little hands busy during quiet time at home or while we were waiting at the doctor’s office. They were small enough to keep tucked away in our bag and grab out whenever and wherever we needed! And yes, while lacing cards kept their attention, it was also teaching them those amazing fine motor skills. I can still see my daughter sticking her lips out while in deep concentration. We called it her duck face. And I can still see my son’s tongue sticking out to the side while he weaved the string in and out of the holes on the cards.


So these lacing cards are yours FREE! They are weather themed and include a raindrop, a rain cloud, a regular cloud, a snowflake, and a sun. They all have sweet little faces for fun. And they have cut marks and hole punch marks for ease of use, too! The instructions are easy and preparation should only take a few minutes.


  1. Print lacing cards on heavy cardstock.
  2. Optional: Laminate.
  3. Cut out on dotted lines.
  4. Punch holes on large dots.
  5. Use string, ribbon, or yarn for lacing.


 Download your FREE lacing cards here.

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