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Road Trip Activities Printable Kit


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Tired of hearing “Are We There Yet?” on every family road trip?? Then you NEED our darling road trip activities kit! Everything you need to help keep those kids happy, and your sanity intact!

Easy Road Trip activities

Summer is JUST around the corner…do you know what that means?! It’s time for new adventures!!! And these road trip activities are sure to entertain all those in your car!

Your family will LOVE having so many fun activities in the car while you travel to your destination! This Road Trip Adventure in a Box is SO quick and easy to put together and makes it a snap to keep kids (and spouses) busy and happy in the car! This is definitely one printable kit that your whole family is going to LOVE! Surprise your loved ones with fun on-the-go this traveling season. You’ll be making priceless memories both in the car AND when you arrive at your destination!

Our fun-filled Road Trip in a Box has EVERY car trip activity idea you need while traveling with your family – especially if you have kids! Here is what is included –

  • Cute Destination Tags
  • Classic Dad Jokes
  • Fun Road Trip Bingo Game
  • Would You Rather Game
  • Road Trip Playlist Card
  • Slug Bug Game Card
  • The Classic Alphabet Game
  • License Plate Game

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Make Your Own Family Road Trip Activities Kit


  • our road trip activities kit (download below)
  • printer
  • plain paper
  • scissors or paper cutter
  • 2″ hole punch (optional)
  • gift bags or boxes
  • small toys or treats to put in your gift bags or boxes
  • crayons, markers, or colored pencils
  • playlist on phone, or cd (if you want your family to pick the songs before you leave)
  • box or basket to hold your activity kit


  1. First, print off and cut out our road trip activities kit.
  2. Using the 2″ circle punch or scissors, cut or punch out the Do Not Open Until… circle tags.
  3. Place small gifts or treats inside bags or boxes, then attach the tags. (You can put a time or destination on the tags)
  4. Make sure you’ve printed off one of the following for EACH child: Bingo, slug bug, alphabet, and liscence plate game cards. the others you’ll just need one copy.
  5. Place the cards and gift boxes or bags in a larger box or basket, and get ready to make your next road trip a happy adventure!

Simply plan your car games and activities by how long you’ll be on the road and how many stops you will be making during your road trip! This will determine how many backseat activities and road trip car surprises you need to prepare! Each hour (or however often you want), or each destination you’ve chosen, just pull a new fun car game or road trip activity out of your Road Trip Adventure Box!

Ready to make your own road trip activities kit?

click here to download our Road Trip Activity Kit

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