Back To School Tic Tac Labels + 11 more free printables!

I’m so excited about this month’s printable blog hop! So many cute ideas. I. Die.

August Banner {School}

But before I get to that, here’s what I came up with for Somewhat Simple’s free printable:

back to school tic tac labels somewhat simple

I love them.  Can I love them?  Well I do.  You can have love them too:

back to school tic tac labels free download

1. brain cell boosters // 2. cootie antibiotics // 3. dodge ball power drops // 4. test recovery tablets // 5. homework decoding capsules

 Just like my other Tic Tac labels, you’ll just cut out, and glue or tape on.  So. Much. Fun.

back to school tic tac labels

And here’s the part where you warm up your printer and get ready for lots more awesomeness!

August Grid {School}

1 // The Dating Divas – A Back To School themed dinner for setting goals with your spouse AND the kids!

2 // Somewhat Simple – Fun and quirky Back To School Tic Tac Labels: Arm your kids this school year with cootie antibiotics, brain cell boosters, and more!

3 // Whipperberry – A great gift for your teacher to start the year off right!

4 // Crafting Chicks – Teacher Emergency Kit to wish them a great year!

5 // Tatertots & Jello – Instagram-ready “hashtag” first day of school photo props.

6 // L’il Luna – An adorable Back to School Teacher Gift!

7 // My Sister’s Suitcase – Printable Keepsake to record first and liast days of school memories!

8 // I Heart Nap Time – A small gift for the first day of school.

9 // The 36th Avenue – A weekly chart to help keep your kids on track.

10 // Paging Supermom – Free Printable Lunchbox Jokes to brighten your kiddo’s school day.

11 // The TomKat Studio – A “Bright” Printable Gift Tag for Teachers!

12 // The Idea Room – DIY Back-to-School Homework “To-Do” Notepad

With all these fabulous printables, you’ll definitely have an awesome school year! –xoxo

ps- a complete list of past my past Tic Tac labels + the link to the TIC TAC LOCATOR are found by clicking HERE.

*Please note: These downloads are for personal use only and are not to be sold in any way/form digitally or physically.  But please feel free to spread the word + love!  Thank you!

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  1. says

    Love these!!!! But remind me how to download these? I tried to save them & print but can’t make the sizes work.
    Thanks for sharing your super ideas!!

    • says

      I’m so sorry Betsy! I have a Mac, so I’m not sure how it looks on a pc (if that’s what you have), but when I click on the link (i.e. click on the word brain cell boosters below the image), it takes me to a page with just that image. Below the pic there is an icon with an arrow pointing down at a computer. I click that to save it to my computer. Then I can just open it, copy and paste on a word doc, and then print it off. :) I hope that made sense, and answered your question. If not, email me at and I can send them to you personally. Thanks so much for your comment! 😀

  2. Jane H says

    This would be a FABULOUS Valentines day idea….. especially for boys who wanna be cool and funny, but not cutesy… and for their moms who love to be creative and cutesy and try not to force ideas on their boyish boys and struggle to find boyish funny cool crafty unique designs for valentines day. Thank you :)

  3. heather says

    I consider myself to be pretty casual and easy-going, but I really think that having children – particularly young kids – mix the idea of medicine/pills vs. candy really isn’t a good idea. Not to mention giving the impression to adolescent/preteens that “pills” will help you be More Awesome! Smarter! More Fun! Have More Energy! etc. Kind of like how we view candy cigarettes now – it’s really pretty disturbing to see kids pretend to smoke, even if it’s candy; same thing here – really disturbing to see kids pop pretend pills to get through the day.
    Like I said, I know this makes me sound super uptight, and I am absolutely the anti version of uptight (and otherwise think this is a cute idea) but I don’t think that this is really appropriate for kids (teachers – definitely!)

    • says

      Heather- thank you for your comment. You have a very valid point- one that I agree with and ALMOST didn’t post these because of that exact reason. So knowing that I agree with you, perhaps you (and any one else who might feel the same) can let me explain why I did end up making and posting these.

      When I first started creating these, I knew that I did NOT want to use the words pills or medicine (for the exact reasons you mentioned). I sat down at my computer and pulled up the thesaurus to look for words that could describe little pieces of candy. (I also almost posted a disclaimer at the end, but didn’t want to put “ideas” into people’s minds just in case they didn’t think of this in the first place.)

      I also believe that with everything, parents need to use judgement when it comes to their children. I knew that mine and a good many others would be able to grasp the concept of tic tacs and that they are a breath freshener/candy. I also only used these as a reward for good school behavior, so they didn’t think “these will make me awesome!” but rather, “if I do good and participate in PE, mom will give me a red tic tac with the dodge ball on it” or “if I do my best on this test, I’ll get a green tic tac”. They DO NOT take them to school. I don’t know that any parent would let their kids – there are so many rules in schools, these would get confiscated in a heartbeat, with or without my labels. These were created to be a fun thing in the home + a reward system. And I apologize if it didn’t come across like that in the post.

      But like I mentioned, these might not be for everyone. And that’s what I love about this world- we’re all so different and have different likes and needs. So yes, parents use discretion. Or use it as a teaching moment + object lesson for your kids/teens. Talk to them about pills and drugs. Show and talk to them about the difference between candy and the real deal. These labels CAN be used for good and might be a lesson that will stick in their minds forever. And that’s why I finally decided to post these. (And yes- teachers have LOVED these!)

      So I guess I did end up writing that disclaimer. 😉

      I do appreciate and respect your comment and your desire to keep our kids drug and tobacco free! I wish more parents were like that – the world would be a much better place! So thank you!

  4. Ali k. says

    These are great and I love them. I’d love to do them for teacher appreciation week. Do you have a word doc version?


  5. Tracy says

    This is about the stupidest idea I have ever seen for children. It simply reinforces Western medicine’s idea that there is a pill to take for everything. Great idea to reinforce this with candy to boot lady! Just give them diabetes at the same time!! Some of you cutesy kid crafters out there REALLY need to engage brain before engaging blogging site and all the other nitwits that follow blogs like this because they are lemmings!!! Sheesh!

    • Tracy says

      By the way lady, I sure do hope your kids never accidentally get into your bottle of xanax that you think you have in a secure place.

      • Tracy says

        Believe it or not, back in the days of yore (when I was just a child), my mother and father would spend time with me, I didn’t need rewards for doing something to the best of my ability. I knew I just needed to. It seems that children today are praised entirely too much for mediocrity, ie: graduation from pre-school or kindergarten. Come on people! Give children something to strive for, that true quixotic achievement, to reach as far as the stars and to dream the impossible!