Christmas Tic Tac Labels :: Round 2

I decided that my Christmas Tic Tac labels from last year kinda felt incomplete.  So I decided to make them some friends.

Christmas tic tac labels main

How fun are these?? (I found the red + white Tic Tacs at Target in the Christmas candy section, but you could just use plain red or plain white)


To download the pdf files, click: 

here for candy cane seeds // here for snowflake seeds // here for snowman noses

To download the word docs (8 on a page), click:

 here for candy cane seeds // here for snowflake seeds // here for snowman noses

Just print off, cut out, then glue on to your Tic Tacs! Perfect for teachers, co-workers, classmates and stocking stuffers!

Christmas Tic Tac labels pinterest

I hope you enjoy these, but as always, please remember that these are for personal use only and the labels or files are not be sold in any way.  I hate to use ugly disclaimers, but we’ve had issues in the past. :(

Merry Christmas everyone! -xoxo


  1. 1

    love this!! I actually grabbed some tic tacs for stocking stuffers, so Im totally making some of these!!

  2. 3
    Trish Whitmore says:

    so cute!! thanks for sharing!

  3. 5

    These are adorable! Sharing!

  4. 6

    These are so cute!!! Thanks :)

  5. 7

    Thank you so much they are so cute

  6. 8

    I love these cute Tic Tac Labels and so do my students. I have printed them all. Thank you so much. Have you thought of doing ones with summer/beach theme? Have a great day!!!

  7. 9
    Jennifer says:

    Trying to get a start on advent calendar stuffers and these will fit the bill. They will make something cost effective look super cute. Thanks for your time and creative energy.

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