Free Sport Tic Tac Labels // the super six

I’m so overwhelmed with how well the Tic Tac labels have been received!  I’ve had some emails requesting different themes- please keep them coming!! One reader asked if I could do a volleyball label, so I decided Free Sport Tic Tac labels where in order!

sports tic tac labels main

You know some kids.  Kids who love sports.  Kids who are in sports.  Kids’ friends who are in sports.  Kids who want sport-themed birthdays. And you want to give them something extra.  Something fun.  Something unique.  But don’t know what.  Oh, sweetie- I’ve got ya covered!  To the soccer mom, the coach, or just sport fanatic, I give you The Super Six: basketball, baseball, soccer, football, tennis + volleyball.

sports tic tac labels

 1 // basketball :: blazing boosters  2 // baseball :: courageous capsules  3 // soccer :: supersonic seeds

4 // football :: power-play poppers  5 // tennis :: turbo tablets  6 // volleyball :: victory vitamins

After you’ve downloaded the one(s) you want, just cut out + glue right onto your Tic Tac container!

tic tac line uptic tac play by play

So simple!  So go.  Make a kid smile.  Give them an extra boost in their confidence. Be the coolest mom or coach on the block.  I’ve got your back. 😉

tic tac labels free printable

(Yes, the football label is orange and blue- that was purely a coincidence, and not due to the fact that I am a HUGE Peyton Manning fan, as seen here.) 😉

The other neat thing about these, is that you don’t need a specific Tic Tac flavor to go with the labels- just pick your favorite flavor, print the label you want and voila!

If you’ve missed the other Tic Tac labels, my series includes Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Easter + Back To School.  Need a specific Tic Tac flavor? Click here for the Tic Tac locator or click HERE to purchase on Amazon.

Hope you all have a great week! –xoxo

*Please note: These downloads are for personal use only and are not to be sold in any way/form digitally or physically.  But please feel free to spread the word + love!  Thank you!

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Sarah is a stay-at-home-mom of three beautiful children, wife to a pretty awesome guy, and lover of singing in the shower, Dr. Pepper, cinnamon bears, and McGuyver. She resides in Arizona and has recently added Laundry Procrastinator Extraordinaire to her resume.


  1. Oh my goodness, I love everything about this post- the labels, the directions you included- SO FUN! You are seriously the best!!!
    Annnnd good job on the disclaimer- ha ha ha!

  2. Trish Whitmore says:

    These are soo cute!! What about Field Hockey??? My daughter just started playing.

  3. Any chance you could do an ice hockey or lacrosse set? I absolutely love these!!

    • I never thought of those ones! I may have to do a sports theme round 2… Thanks Chris! I’m glad you love them. :)

      • I’ll second Chris’s request – my boys are both hockey players, and we have a lax player, too – those would be great team spirit gifts!!

        I’ll throw out a request for gymnastics, too – because I’m always on the hunt for good gymnastics team ideas!

  4. I would love to make them for my brother in law, he’s a gymteacher at my childrens school.
    Could you design one for Free Running?
    And my daughter just started Field Hockey this week!
    My other daughter has swimming lessons…..

  5. I know its early, and I’ve not had any coffee yet, but I con’t figure out how to print these smaller? It saves as a huge PDF, with just one very large label. What am I doing wrong? (Besides not having the coffee….!)

    • Morning Sandy! I honestly don’t know why it’s doing that… maybe your computer has it zoomed in to see the detail? What I’d do is copy and paste it onto a word doc – it should automatically resize to the correct size. Hope that helps! Have a great day!

  6. any chance you could do some cheerleading ones?

  7. Michelle R. says:

    These are great! Thanks for making them. As long as everyone’s making requests… How about a martial arts set? Taekwondo, Karate, Jiu Jitsu, etc.? Thanks!

  8. You were correct about the image resizing correctly when pasted into a Word document. They printed up perfectly and I am happily gluing away – thank you!

  9. These are so cute! I was looking for something to give out at my daughter’s “end of the season” soccer party! These are perfect! Do you know a way that I could add some yellow (besides coloring) to the black and gray? My daughter plays for Crew Juniors and I would love to use their team colors!


    • There isn’t a way to change or add colors to these besides coloring, I’m so sorry! But I’m glad you like them! Good luck with the soccer party! :)

  10. Lovely Sarah, thank you – would love to see another set – netball, and Australian Rules football…. our football is a different shape down under!

    • actually, just had a second look and the football one is great…. would suit an aussie rules team!

  11. LOVE THESE!!! I hope you add a sports pack 2!! PLEASE add SOFTBALL if you do. Both my daughters play and these would be a hit!!

  12. Is there a way we can get 8 on a page like the Christmas ones ?…it is only printing out one giant one?..?? What am I doing wrong??

  13. Just made these for my daughter’s team for their Valentine Volleyball Tournament today-so, so cute! I printed them out on the Avery full page labels, cut them out with my paper trim, then just peeled the backing off and stuck ’em on-SO easy! The girls are going to love them-thanks so much!!

  14. Did you ever do a sports round 2 I was also hoping for a lacrosse one. The labels are great.

  15. Suzan Grant says:

    Could you “please” make a Cheerleader label. I would LOVE to give our girls some as they head off to Cheer Camp in July. thank you!!!!

  16. I just love all your tic tac labels. Thanks heaps for giving them to us.

  17. Would you consider making labels for other activities like band, choir, debate, or subjects math, reading, art, physical ed. computers, library, etc.? I’m thinking these would be fabulous for elementary or high school teachers as a small appreciation gift during parent teacher conferences.

    Thanks for the ones you’ve already shared!

  18. Hi,

    I was wondering if you might have any tic tac labels themed for cheerleading. My daughters are in competitive cheer and this would be a great gift to give the team before a competition.