Goodies for the Homeless

hey friends! i am lindsey of the pleated poppy. thank you steph for including me with this amazing bunch of bloggers for the summer of service!

in our town we have a pretty good sized homeless community. most are asking for money, some food, and some work. i am grateful that my kids have developed a heart for those who are less fortunate and they desire to serve them.

rather than just giving money, we like to serve them food. we have made burritos with friends and gone out in the community to serve them, and we have brought sandwiches and fruit. on valentines day we made special cookies and left notes in the bags for the recipients.

this time we decided to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies. i figured cookies were a bit of a luxury that they may not get very often. so we filled paper lunch bags with a water bottle and a baggie of cookies and headed downtown. we spent about an hour walking the main streets and the kids handed them all out. as they handed them out, they were intentional about making eye contact and smiling, and asking if they wanted cookies and water.

of course, no one said no! the look on their faces was great, to see the kids put a smile on them.

so i urge you, even if you don’t serve some of the homeless, when you walk past them don’t look away. look them eyes and tell them, “good morning” or a simple ” hi!”. it makes all the difference!

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  1. great post! as a girl scout I used to serve thanksgiving food to the homeless with my troop and we always made sure to treat them as real people, not charity cases. what you did with the cookies sounds awesome, I want to do this some time!!

  2. What a great post and a great series. I ran into your site today for the first time. I have re-posted about what you are doing to encourage service this summer on my own personal blog. I look for stories of philanthropy online and try and promote them. Thanks again and keep the ideas coming!

    LDS Philanthropies

  3. This is such a great thing to do! It is really uplifting to know there are good people in this world when everything seems to be criminal. I would love to hear more of these kinds of things!


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