Frame Your Mirror That Has Plastic Clips

How to Frame Your Bathroom Mirror with Plastic Clips

Do you want to know how to Frame Your Bathroom Mirror Over Plastic Clips?

How to Frame Your Bathroom Mirror with Plastic Clips

I’ve seen probably a half-dozen tutorials all over blog land showing you how to frame a bathroom mirror featuring amazing transformations simply by adding some molding around the edges.

And everyone says something to the effect of:


So this project is one that has been on my to do list for a while now, because if it really is that easy, maybe I could do it? Except I had something standing in my way. Two things, actually. Two little, {ugly} plastic clips that were holding my mirror to the wall and holding me back from completing this project.

How to Frame Your Bathroom Mirror with Plastic Clips

I searched high and low on how to frame a bathroom mirror when your mirror has little {ugly} plastic clips and I couldn’t find any solution.

And so my mirrors sat there. No frames, no pizazz, no nothing.

How to Frame Your Bathroom Mirror with Plastic Clips

My house is only 7 years old and not outdated. I like my fixtures and hardware. I like my flooring. I like it all… except I really don’t like my builder-grade mirrors.

And so, I set off to find a solution to rid those clips and make my mirror pretty.

And guess what- I found one. {Insert happy dance here!}

And the best part is, the solution is literally 1 more step than all the tutorials I’ve seen to frame out your mirror, so this project is still super easy. {YAY!}

Here is the secret:

How to Frame Your Bathroom Mirror with Plastic ClipsYep, washers!

Look for the thinnest washer you can find- you might want to buy a few sizes and see which one lays flattest against your mirror. (You can purchase washers individually for 10-20 cents each.)

When you find which one fits best, unscrew the screw holding the plastic clip and then replace it with the washer, using the same screw and hole already in your wall.

Do one at a time, obviously.

How to Frame Your Bathroom Mirror with Plastic ClipsThe washers will hold the mirror to the wall as securely as the plastic clip does, but it lays {almost} flat, so you can glue molding right over the top of it.


And now you are ready to frame your mirror!

I followed the simple tutorial on framing your mirror from Blue Cricket Design. Her post was the first one I saw featuring this project and I’ve also seen this mirror in real life, so I can attest to how good it looks and rest assured there were no “hidden” ugly spots.

Because I followed Becca’s tutorial step-by-step, I won’t repost the entire thing here. but I do want to tell you a few TIPS I had. Some of you will thank me for sharing these, and others will think I am lame for needing to spell it out. But that is how I am, and I need things spelled out.

TIP: First, when you buy your molding, you might want to pick up one of these:

How to Frame Your Bathroom Mirror with Plastic ClipsA miter box.

I had heard of them before, I just didn’t know what they were and how to use it.

A Miter Box is a plastic tool used to cut perfect 45 degree angles- something you need to do for molding projects. I bought mine at Lowes on the same aisle as the molding and it came with its own miter saw. With my new miter box I was able to take my molding home and cut it myself.

How to Frame Your Bathroom Mirror with Plastic ClipsTip: Look at the molding around one of the doorways in your house to get a visual and to be sure you are cutting it right. I almost made some cuts upside down, but luckily I had something to go off of. How to Frame Your Bathroom Mirror with Plastic Clips

Tip: Get a caulking gun to apply your liquid nails. I didn’t know I would need one, so save yourself the hassle of trying to apply it without a gun (or a 2nd trip to the store!) and make sure you pick one up.

Tip: Be generous with the amount of Liquid Nails you use. You will notice in Becca’s tutorial, she mentions putting the liquid nails in the center of the molding and avoiding the edges so it doesn’t seep onto your mirror when you press it. This scared me a bit, so I went too light on the liquid nails so as not to have a seeping mess. The next day when it was supposed to be dry, my molding was bowed in the corners of my mirror and not stuck to the glass because I didn’t have enough liquid nails holding it down.

Tip: If you find your molding bowed in the morning, don’t get discouraged and walk away. Don’t vow not to ever attempt another home improvement project again and accuse those other bloggers of lying because they called this “easy.” Don’t let this project sit for a week and contemplate hiring someone to fix it for you. Just add some more liquid nails and let it dry again overnight. I may have done the above dramatics and when I realized how easy the fix was, I felt silly.

So there you have it. My pretty mirror.

How to Frame Your Bathroom Mirror with Plastic Clips

How to Frame Your Bathroom Mirror with Plastic ClipsAnd this tutorial wouldn’t be complete without saying,


And I am serious. I totally am.


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      • Sammie says

        I’ve been wanting to do this for awhile and found some molding with a deep groove but your WASHER IDEA is great! No need for special molding or routering a groove… thank you for sharing! Great little blog you have here.

  1. says

    My brother recommended I might like this blog.
    He was totally right. This post truly made my day.
    You cann’t imagine simply how much time I had spent for this info!

  2. Eileen says

    Wow, thanks for the tip as I am in the middle of the project and already bought the wood for the frame before realizing the clips are too thick! You saved me!!!!


  3. Virginia Callister says

    Thank you!!! I have those plastic clips too. I tried this project before I read your post in my powder room where it is a tiny mirror. I tried to make notches in the moulding and went all the way through it and they didn’t fit the clips anyways. I almost gave up. I ended up taking the clips out of the wall all together because the mirror is glued to the wall and seems pretty stable. I want to do the bigger bathroom mirrors too but figured I couldn’t count on those heavy things being secure with just glue. VOILA’ my problem is solved. You are so clever! Thanks again.

    • Stephanie says

      I’m so glad you found the solution! :) Thanks for stopping by and best of luck on your next bathroom!

  4. Colleen says

    How does the moulding sit flush against the mirror when the washer doesn’t sit flush? I’m attempting this now, and I can’t figure out how to make it look flat like in your picture!

    • Stephanie says

      It probably isn’t completely flush against the mirror, but the washer is so thin that you don’t even notice.

  5. April says

    Hi there! The original tutorial you used is no longer active :( I want to try this but I am worried I may miss something crucial. Cut it, liquid nail it down, and I am guessing caulk to crevices? Any more to it?

      • April says

        The Blue Cricket link? How odd- when I click it I get a ‘site unavailable’

        Site Unavailable

        This site is currently unavailable due to maintenance. It should be available again shortly.”

        But it’s said that for a few days now…


        • Stephanie says

          Oh, I thought you meant the pictures and text on this site wasn’t showing, but you’re right, the Blue Cricket site is unavailable. I know RFE hosting (which is what she uses) is making some changes, so hopefully it is up soon!

  6. Danni Olson says

    Love this hint. I to wanted to frame my mirrors and now I can do it easily. Thank you so much.

  7. says

    This idea is great and genius, I have two bathroom large mirrors with these clips and had been searching for an online article to help me find a way to frame these mirrors without removing them from wall with the clips. This idea is great I would’ve never thought of this way to do a project..I plan to do this project on one bathroom and I am excited to do this project and now that I have an idea on how to do it.

  8. Casey says

    To cover the top of the washer did you just mount the moulding slightly above the top of the mirror edge?

      • Rachael williamson says

        Stephanie I see you’ve commented about covering the top part of the washer with the molding but when that’s done is there not a fairly significant space of molding from wall and then top of mirror that will collect dust and whatnot?

        • Stephanie says

          Hi Rachael, it actually isn’t too big of a space- I’ve never had issues with it. :)

    • Stephanie says

      I’ve never done it over the metal clips, but if you can replace those with flat washers, it should work just fine.

  9. says

    Thank you for this fabulous tip! I am eager to try this with our builders grade mirrors in our master bathroom! I am curious, how was the molding held up? Any loose sections/recaulking needed since you installed?
    Thank you!

  10. Terri says

    Hi Stephanie,
    I completed this project last weekend and it went great! Looks terrific. One helpful suggestion I have is that we purchased the Composite molding from Lowe’s (Not real wood). It is prestained in a variety of wood tones, or white, comes in a zillion widths and different trims and is very inexpensive. The backs are half stained too, so the reflection is great. The biggest plus is that it is flexible and will contour right around a flat washer or flat metal clip and adhere without any problems. And yes, the secret is to use enough glue- on my first piece, I was too conservative as well, and had to reglue! Liquid nails comes in clear as well!!!


    • Stephanie says

      I am so glad it worked out for you- and thanks for those helpful tips! I appreciate you stopping by!

  11. Sammie says

    Has anyone tried using velcro to hold the frame to the mirror? or would theedges look tacky? Just asking because I haven’t started the project yet. Any advise is most welcome… thank you!

  12. Angelica says

    I love this tutorial! I saw a million on pinterest and I kept thinking about my darn plastic clips! We rent, so this is an inexpensive fix to the guest bathroom! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!

    • Stephanie says

      Yay! I am glad you found this tutorial! Thanks for stopping by and thanks for leaving a comment! :)

  13. Dusti says


    Did you have the ugly mirror medicine cabinet on the wall next to the big mirror? If so, how does the frame affect it opening?

    • Stephanie says

      I do, and it doesn’t affect it at all! If the molding stood taller on the mirror or if the medicine cabinet butted up against the mirror it would be a problem, but the spacing on my wall, even though it looks close, gave me enough room.

  14. Dawn says

    Any suggestions for doing this with a mirror that has a plug smack in the middle (bottom) of it? I have tried to come up with a way, but so far I don’t have a clue.

  15. Dion says

    This looks so promising and helpful for what I want to do in my bathroom. Thank you. I have a question though. The mirror in the picture looks like mine. Two clips at the top, but at the bottom a silver trim that holds the bottom of the mirror. Did you cover that with your framing or set the bottom edge of the framing on above it to where the silver trim still shows?

    • Stephanie says

      I put my molding right on top of the silver trim to cover it. Hope that helps!

  16. Jamie says

    Hello, and forgive me for asking this (somewhat) stupid question, but I would love to do this on a mirror similiar in size to your bathroom mirror, that hangs on the wall in my front room above my loveseat. The molding will still be adhered to the mirror, correct, NOT the wall?

    • Stephanie says

      This is not a stupid question, Jamie, thanks for asking! Yes, the molding will be adhered to the mirror, NOT the wall! :)

  17. Seymour says

    Everyone loves what you guys tend to be up too. Such clever work and exposure!
    Keep up the very good works guys I’ve included you guys to our

  18. Michaelann Dahlman says

    This looks way too hard for me to do, plus this place is a rental. Also, our mirror isn’t mounted on the wall, but on a medicine storage cabinet.

    One thing that struck me though, is how you describe the plastic clips as ugly. I like them, because you can hardly see them. They’re functional but discrete.

    I prefer a bathroom that has a medicine (storage) cabinet behind the mirror, for space reasons. But for simple beauty, I really prefer the clips. Classic elegance.

  19. Kelly says

    I just remodeled my bathroom and had to have the large mirror taken down to make room for the new backsplash. the mirror had been calked to the wall. I had the mirror cut down to size and rehung. the installer used 2 of those lovely hooks. I said that I planned on framing the mirror so what should I do? He said to simply take then off in a couple of days-after the new caulk dries. Your mirror was probably hung the same way.

  20. Amanda says

    Thanks for sharing! I e been thinking of this idea for a while now and it is next on my list :) The thick trim doesn’t need the extra glue because it doesn’t bow as easily (learned about trims once!)

  21. says

    I have the same problem. Question though. What did you about the fact that the bottom of the mirror sits behind a track of metal that would cause your frame to jut out slightly more on the bottom edge? To take the track off you have to lift the mirror off and up. Am I splitting hairs and that piece of metal doesn’t matter so much? TIA!

  22. says

    That is a seriously awesome tutorial. Thanks!!! I never even considered that option. I hate those ugly, plastic clips, but love the big huge mirror in the bathroom. Question: One person job? or did you need an assistant?
    Thanks for the great post!

  23. Jackie johnson says

    I have been looking for a site that told how to deal with the clips.
    So glad I found yours.Thanks so much !

  24. says

    love this idea. Quick question, how do you get the mirror off in the future if the trim is glued over the washers holding the mirror up.

    • says

      Hi Holly,
      I am not planning to remove my mirror, so I honestly never thought of that! Sorry I am not any help! :( I appreciate you stopping by!