Tic Tac Christmas Labels // Free Printable

I had such a HUGE response to the Halloween Tic Tac Labels, and some of you even asked if I would do Christmas ones.  Well, dear friends, here ya go!

Need a quick and quirky gift for a teacher, fellow student, or just want something fun for stocking stuffers?  Then look no further.  Tic Tac Christmas Labels.  Bam.  Easy, cheap and super cute.

First, you’ll need to pick which one(s) you want to create:

snowman poop // white

christmas tree seeds // green

reindeer noses // red

*update* click below for the word docs containing 8 on a page!

snowman poop // white

christmas tree seeds // green

reindeer noses // red

Print them off.  Then grab these:

no. 1 // glue stick.

no. 2 // printed off labels.

no. 3 // tic tags of choice.

no. 4 // scissors.

Someone even mentioned printing these off on sticker paper, which is TOTALLY genius and would completely eliminate the need for a glue stick. :)

Then carry on with these steps:

no. 1 // cut out.

no. 2 // glue.

no. 3 // attach.

And voila! Again, so stinkin’ easy!!  My kids can’t get enough of them.  There’s just something awesome about eating snowman poop. 😉

Hope you all enjoy these Tic Tac Christmas labels as much as we do!  Have a fantastic holiday weekend! -xoxo

*Please note: These downloads are for personal use only and are not to be sold in any way/form digitally or physically.  But please feel free to spread the word + love!  Thank you!

UPDATE!  Enjoy these and the Halloween Tic Tac Labels? I have created more! Check out the Valentine’s Tic Tac Labels and the Easter Tic Tac Labels + gift idea!  Also, I’ve recently discovered the Tic Tac Store Locator. Now you can find any Tic Tac flavor you need!

Looking for more Christmas Tic Tac labels??? I’ve posted another batch HERE!

Christmas tic tac labels main


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Sarah is a stay-at-home-mom of three beautiful children, wife to a pretty awesome guy, and lover of singing in the shower, Dr. Pepper, cinnamon bears, and McGuyver. She resides in Arizona and has recently added Laundry Procrastinator Extraordinaire to her resume.


  1. LOVE these! I have a bunch of nieces and nephews I bet would get a kick out of these! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Stephanie B says:

    Hi I just printed the Snowman Poop and it looks too big for the Tic Tac package. Should I print it at a reduced size?? These are so cool. Would love to make some for our family party on Sunday and for the young women at church.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Oh no! That’s weird that they are printing out larger! I’m not sure if Tic Tacs come in different sizes, but the ones I have are 1 oz net wt size. When downloaded, the image will appear huge, because I have them saved at a 300 pixels per inch size (so the words and pictures are nice and crisp), but they should print out at 1.52 in. wide and 4.2 in. tall. I had copied and pasted mine into a word doc so I could print off multiples at a time, maybe try that and see if they are the right size? I’m so sorry they’re being a pain! If none of those things work, email me at jordanriverblossom @ yahoo . com (no spaces though) and I’ll resize it for you. Thanks so much for your comment and I hope these work out for your family and YW!

  3. YAY!!! I am so glad you made these, I LOVE THEM!!!!!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing. I’m going to pick up some tictacs when I go to town today. they are the perfect thing for my kids to give their bus drivers! Thanks again.

  5. Do you have a word doc with a bunch on a page like the halloween ones?
    These are so cute! I’m running out to buy tic tacs today! Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. Can these be all on one page and and maybe two sets to a page? It’s HUGE when I click download. I’d love to print these but it looks like others have had the same request. Actually several can fit on a page!!!

    • The pdf files appear huge on your computer because they are saved at 300 pixels per inch (to make sure all the lines and words will be nice and crisp and not grainy at all when you go to print them off). But they will print out at the right size. :) I had a bunch of people who had problems with the word docs on my Halloween Tic Tac labels and requested the pdf files. I thought this time I’d make it easier for everyone- guess I was wrong! 😉 I’ve now included a word doc in the post as well- hope those work out better for you! Thanks for the comment!

  7. These are so funny. My grand kids are going to love these. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas.

  8. I saw these on pinterest….and love them… thank you so much for making such wonderful free printables

  9. THANK YOU- this is great! My 12th grader can hand out to her classmates instead of just holiday candy.

  10. This is the greatest idea! I saw them and knew I had to send them with my 3rd grader tomorrow. She loved them. So easy and so cute! Thank you!

  11. Can’t wait to make these little guys!

  12. Linda Kerlin says:

    Good day to you –I fell into your site as I was browsing and I love the tic-tac covers—I have missed the Halloween ones —is there any one I could still get them—I am new to the computer world so hopefully if I can it will not be a cut and paste project for I do not know how to do that —will be awaiting your response and thank you—

  13. These are so cute! I was able to make the Snowmen Poop but couldn’t find red or green ones. :o(

  14. Oh how I wish I’d seen this post last week! I gave all our ‘kids’ tic tacs in their goodie bags, this would have been perfect! Thanks for sharing, and I’ll be saving this to do next year!
    Debbie :)

  15. I just LOVED the Christmas Tic Tac labels!! I can’t wait to make some for Halloween…..however could you please make a few for Valentines or Easter? thank you so much!

  16. These are so cute! I love the Halloween ones, too. Are you planning a Valentine’s or Easter design? I have a 6th grader and these are perfect for cute but not too babyish…….

  17. These are so awesome! Do you have any plans to make some for New Years Eve?!?!?

  18. So cute! Thanks for sharing. These are perfect for little stocking stuffers or coworker gifts.

  19. Becky Smith says:

    Love these!! Was hoping you would make some orange labels for Christmas too – snowman noses or something. I buy my tic tacs at Sam’s club and they have all these colors together.

    Thanks! We love sending these to our missionaries, they love them!!


  20. I love these! I think they’re adorable!! Not sure if it’s because I’m on my iPad but I can not find the word doc to print (or PDF). Am I looking in the wring place? I want to give these out to the moms in my moms group.

  21. How about New Years Eve ideas. I’m having a New Years party and these would be great to sit out in a basket for guests

  22. Pooja Godfrey says:

    trying this for sure!!

  23. I was wondering if you ever thought of making one for Christmas using orange tic tacs and calling them snowman noses.

    Also having problems finding the red tic tacs any suggestions

  24. Thank you for sharing, I will use these this year for my Red/White Snowman Christmas theme. I like to give a little something and this will be just perfect for men/women in our family. Thank you for sharing and your giving heart.