Tips for Traveling with Kids

Last week’s most viewed post in our link party was Creating a Child’s Day Pack from Echoes of Laughter.

This is a great way to not get stuck carrying all of your kid’s “stuff” while out and about- I need to do this for my kids!

This idea (and our upcoming family road trip to Utah) had me wondering what other tips for traveling with kids I could find online. This is the list I came up with, which means I better get busy, ’cause I want to make them all! :)

Map out your road trip and mark milestones along the way!

Child’s drawings from Housing a Forest

Using felt and some Velcro to the back of a matchbox car from Once a Month Mom

Free printable from The Dating Divas

How ’bout livening up the car ride a bit with…

Road Trip Bingo, from Homemaking Expert

Special Treat Boxes, from PMK Crafts

Glow sticks for nighttime car rides from I am Momma Here me Roar.

Create Keepsakes for traveling, like:

A DVD case turned writing tablet or journal, from Stacy Vaughn

A darling travel journal with free printable, from Eighteen25

Vacation rocks, from Quarry Orchard

Keeping it Organized!

A shoe organizer on the back of the driver’s seat, from Martha

Packing in Bags to keep outfits together, from All Things Simple

Personalized pillowcases with a pocket and strap from Amazing Mae

And one of my favorite traveling ideas to date was created by my creative SIL. These road trip travel trays double as a chalkboard and are easy to put away since they slide right under your car seats! The options are endless!

. . . . .

Any of those ideas strike your fancy? I’ll be working on creating a few before our road trip, that is for sure!

traveling with kids


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    Wow Steph! Thank for sharing my kid’s day pack post! I am so very grateful for the feature! You have compiled a great list of ideas here! Wishing you a great week! Angie xo

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